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    Thread: A must see video for all

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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      A must see video for all

      Hi Guys,

      I think everyone should see this video .

      Vinny Ten Calls Out Fake Shops, F****d Up Cars Frustrated Tuners!


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      Jai Radhe Maa
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      this video has been spreading like wildfire. I completely agree with what Vinnie says but from what I read elsewhere, people have been using Vinnie's legitimacy to pass *all* the blame on to the customer. to quote what I said here :

      Quote Originally Posted by http://www.d-series.org/forums/serious-discussion-debate/163388-core-values-do-you-have-them.html#post2609770
      if people had any respect for equipment, most of this shit wouldn't be happening.

      on one hand you have *******s who think throwing money on a car will make it go faster or help them score some *****. they can't be ****d to understand what goes on underneath them making their car run.

      on the other hand you have people who believe it is their god given right to be able to **** shit up and still charge the customer for it because all customers are as described above.

      thanks to idiots like these, good, honest guys on both sides of the line keep getting shafted and blaming the other side for their misfortune. it sucks. people need to get their perspectives and priorities straight.

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