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    Thread: ANHC 2009: 210000+ KMs in 9.4 years

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      Quote Originally Posted by bhvm View Post
      Congrats on completion of a decade (I guess?) with the happy car.
      Yet to complete a decade. Happy Car will complete 10 years with me in May 2019.

      Happy Car took me to Younger Daughter's village (Chikmagalur) on this weekend. There was a marriage to be attended with two events Reception on Saturday late evening and marriage ceremony on Sunday forenoon. originally we had planned to go as a family, later daughter and wife opted out, thus leaving me and one of my nephews to make this trip.

      I left from home sometime before six am, we left Bangalore on Saturday morning 6:10 AM from Yeshvantpur from where i picked up my nephew. he reached there using Namma Metro. We had decided to visit couple of Hoysala temples on route. but eventually managed to visit 8 hoysala temples. we did not visit Belur and Halebeedu temples as we had seen it many times before.

      Here is the route map for the temple run we made.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      We had a tatteidli breakfast at Kunigal followed by visits to Hoysala temples at Nuggehalli, Anekere, Kikkeri, Doddagavalli during onward journey. We took detour to Nuggehalli from the Highway at Hirisave.

      We had to visit Honda service at Hassan to get the break pads replaced as they started making sound while we were some 30 minutes away from Hassan. This Breakpad replacement (and delayed lunch) took away almost 2 hours and some 5500 Rupees.

      Click image for larger version. 

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      We managed to reach Chikmagalur just in time for reception dinner. the night was mostly spent in conversations with cousins and we managed to sleep only by well past midnight, had to wake up early morning to get ready. in the morning managed to visit Elder Sister's Village (Hiremagalur) for the first time and visited the Bhargava Kodandarama Temple which is unique one where all all pooja ritual mantras are said in Kannada language instead of Sanskrit, so that everyone can understand it.

      During return journey, we left chikmagalur by 2:30 PM, we visited 3 more hoysala temples at Belavadi, Haranahalli, Koravangla, and managed to reach Highway at Shantigrama. As it was the sunday after Deepavali vacations, Nelamangala toll plaza was jam packed, so took the service road all the way to Yeshvantpur where i dropped my nephew who took Namma Metro to his home in south Bengaluru. I managed to reach home by 11 pm.

      it was a nice 635 KM drive over 2 days + lots of history lessons, some nice exposure to hoysala stories , nostalgic conversations with cousins and relatives, tasty food, and some nice roads and landscapes.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      8 hoysala temples.
      Thats interesting. Let me look up and see if I can do this in a day's drive from Bangalore, thanks for the info
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      Quote Originally Posted by KRRaj View Post
      Thats interesting. Let me look up and see if I can do this in a day's drive from Bangalore, thanks for the info
      Actually there are more Hoysala Architecture Temples in and around Hassan provides information on most known temples around Hassan

      I had done earlier Belur (7-8 times), Haelbeedu (7-8 times), Somanthpura (twice). We had also done Keladi & Ikkeri (Near Sagar town) which also are based on Hoysala Architecture. During this trip we have done Nuggehalli, Kikkeri, Anekere, Doddagaduhalli, Belavadi, Haranahalli, Koravangla. Still Pending are Hosaholalu, Mosale, Javagal, Amruthapura, Arasikere, Aralguppe, may be another weekend trip is needed to complete this list.

      there is mention of another 29 temples form hoysala times in below link.

      I am amazed at the scale at which these temples have been built. imagine the amount of commitment, resources, skills of the artisans, time, energy and money has been spent in building these temples at those remote areas amid the forests and plains (in those times forests might be denser). All these happened during some 300 years when the Hoysala empire was formed, grew, reached peak, sustained, declined and succeeded by Vijaynagar empire.

      we modern India is just 70 years old, we are yet to build structures that inspire awe and attract thousands of visitors just for it's architecture and beauty. our architects and engineers are still learning to build bridges that do not even last 20-30 years and collapse. While these temple structures have last over 800-1000-1100 years. I had often heard / read quote "Do some thing for which you are remembered, well after you no longer exist", i understand the true meaning of that quote now. That was the thought i was left with after visiting these 8 temples.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      Recently i found out that Radiator had developed a leak (diagnosed to be due to stone hit) which resulted in coolant getting drained and vehicle flashing engine heating light. the vehicle was immediately taken to (on a flat bed towing vehicle) to the service station and Radiator was replaced and new coolant was filled in. this was well after 9 years and 6 months after vehicle was bought. entire episode cost me 2.6K for Towing and about 10.4K for Radiator and Coolant Replacement.
      This incident happened during recent Coastal KA and Goa Drive during Navaratri days. As soon as we reached Panaji, this incident happened. family and parents along with luggage, took a taxi a to the service apartment and i stayed back for the towing vehicle to reach the location. it took almost 2 hours of wait for the towing vehicle to reach and handover. i collected the receipt, walked half a KM to Panaji Bus Stand, took a taxi to the service apartment.

      Next day morning i called the service station at 10 AM, they told m that vehicle is yet to reach, then i called the Honda 24x7 road assistance, they told me that they will check and reply. till 12:30 i did not get any call back, i again call, they still have no clue where my vehicle is. i once again call the coastal honda service station, they reconfirm that they do not have my vehicle.

      I again call up Honda 24x7 road side assistance and they again tell me that the vehicle has been delivered at service station. eventually i decide to go to the service station myself and check it out myself. eventually reached the service station by 4 PM, the vehicle was being handed over at that time. so learnt that the towing guys were directed by Honda 24x7 assistance guys to take the vehicle to a service station in panaji which happens to be the Honda 2 wheeler service station. this style of management and operations wasted 1 whole day. the work on my car started the next day and took 2 additional days of diagnostic and repairs. because of this we had to stay one night extra in Goa. I am thankful to the service manager and advisor at Coastal Honda for speeding up the work and let me have my vehicle back. i registered my complaint with Honda regarding their 24x7 emergency service, but no resolution so far. I am sure they would have closed my complaint just like any other complaint with Indian Law Enforcement Authorities.

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