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    Thread: Order in consumer court case after 10 years.

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      This is really a pathetic state of affair! If so called honorable courts act like a bunch of ignorant kids then god save us. On the other hand, I do feel, all this is part of a much bigger set up. The way our courts function, they are helping only the corrupt officials/politicians, criminals etc. And our politicians want the courts to run this way so that, no harm can be done to them. In all this, we suffer big time. I have also had couple of experience with the consumer courts. And they are nothing different than what you have experienced.

      All said, do please pursue the case!

      All the best!

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      The biggest irony of it all is that the court does find the car not roadworthy as it may cause accidents in the present condition it is in but does not say what I should do or where I should take it for making it roadworthy so that I could use the car. The case has cleared my doubts as to whether there was willful negligence on the part of the opposite party but does not clarify as what I should do to make it roadworthy since the authorized service center cannot repair the car. In effect the consumer is totally at the mercy of the manufacturer since none in the company are liable to punishment if they do not comply with the orders of the court. Can you members advice what a consumer should do if the manufacturer cannot repair the car. This would mean it is best to buy second hand cars so that we could at least take it to knowledgeable mechanics outside of the authorized service center.

      And yes I will be pursuing the case for another fifteen years if I am alive till then. In fifteen years I hope to get the below action complied with.
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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      "Daddy where are you going to take your car for its next service"? I was like uhh!!! Did I spawn this nincompoop. That's when it hit me. I was left with no option by the court order to service it anywhere else. So probably will jack the car up and let it rust to death. Pity the consumer in India for he knows not what lies ahead.

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      Now they will appeal and another decade will pass!
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      not aware that he can set his status here!
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      Consumer forum directs Tata Motors to compensate complainant.


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