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    Thread: After Market Lighting Upgrades

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      Quote Originally Posted by sgiitk View Post
      How reliable are these chaps?
      i rate them very high. any day much better than some random seller on amazon. it's owned by hareshjethwani. [he is present on ebay too not sure of amazon though].
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      Quote Originally Posted by circuits View Post
      Have you driven in rainy nights? How does those LEDs perform in heavy rain? I've made up my mind to get those.
      I haven't driven with them in rain or fog but I doubt that it would be of any use as they are while LED lights. I have a cover which I would use when the conditions occur.


      Please ignore this post as I cannot delete the post. I thought that the question was directed to me as there is another post in which LED bar is being discussed.

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      Quote Originally Posted by circuits View Post
      Have you driven in rainy nights? How does those LEDs perform in heavy rain? I've made up my mind to get those.
      As per the TBHP chap who has them they are pretty Ok. Hence my comment about colour temperature.

      Auto Lighting thread : Post all queries about automobile lighting here - Page 682 - Team-BHP

      In fact as per his pic, it does not seem to be at all blue, more like 4300K HIDs.
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      Quote Originally Posted by metal_heart View Post
      Could you guide me to the installation details (did you had to put relay)
      Sorry to say, its still in the box. Haven't installed it yet, as I didnt really get a chance to look at that. I will take this as a reminder and thanx buddy, will update soon
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      I first put in 2 projectors inside headlamps

      then 2 more as aux projectors. Finally my quad projector setup is complete!

      I'm running cnlight 45W 4300K bulbs and Hylux 50W ballsts in all 4 projectors.

      I had issues with the left headlight and its currently not working but with 3 projectors, below is a video. I have a VLT70 sunfilm on the front glass, do keep that in mind.

      I just finished this project for a friend's gypsy. Morimoto mini h1 projectors inside 7inch beams

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