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    Thread: Petrol Car or Diesel Car?

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      Government is not doing anything for petrol cars I am not surprised with the numbers. I am sure 60% are diesel because of mileage and cheaper prices. My next car will also be petrol. I am not sure about maintenance. I hope my car can last upto 100 thousand km because they recommend 6months service for petrol cars too

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      Quote Originally Posted by sgiitk View Post
      if you keep a car for say 5-7 years then the maintenance of a Diesel is bound to hit you.
      My car is a 14 year old 5 cylinder diesel 2,5 TDI. The only maintanence I have had on the diesel engine has been filters, motor oil and timing belts. The injectors and glow plugs are the original ones from the factory and still runs happily after 293,000 km.

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      Great post! Gives a real perspective. Being a petrolhead myself, I like when Petrol wins!
      But one thing, since the petrol guy gets ROI from FD, should nt we add some ROI for the diesel guy by putting the money he saves in fuel costs, into an RD. That will give more balanced comprision I believe.
      Of course those who like diesel for torque etc will still go for diesel. But this calculation will massively help people who are confused between petrol and diesel and the main or sole reason for confusion is the fuel cost of petrol vs diesel as well as the price of diesel cars vs petrol cars. So unless you really want diesel car, or if your monthly running is like a freight train, you can go for petrol.
      I was in a similar dilemma once 2 years ago, but I negated this confusion by fixing my budget. It was 6 lacs. So my confusion was diesel Figo vs Petrol Fiesta Classic. Because my daily running was 100 kph. So Figo was a no brainer, but my confusion was between the joy I will be forgoing if I go for Figo (w.r.t. Fiesta petrol) vs the money I will save with Figo diesel
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      Present price difference between petrol and diesel is less than 8 rupees. Petrol is more practical option now. Diesel might be logical only for guys with very heavy running.

      Both cars are fun to drive, albeit in a different way.

      Diesels can never be fun on high revss while a high revving petrol would love to pull and pull to redline. Turbo petrol is a different territory.

      Now for the guys who wish to mod, diesel is a practical choice. Torquey diesel engines are very easy to mod and much more cheaper compared to NA petrol mods.

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      If it's economics which drives you then there is a great calculator by Arvind. and you don't need to read further.

      But if it's about thrill within budget (15 lacs), then diesels are winner.

      There are some petrol cars with turbo. You can test drive them too. i.e. Ford Ecosport, Baleno RS, VW Polo GT TSI and Fiat Abarth Punto and then drive Diesel S-Cross 1.6 and Creta 1.6 CRDi.


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      I have both cars.
      i10 1.1L petrol
      XUV 2.2L Diesel VGT.

      It seems cars have switches places compared to a decade or two ago. Earlier, our dads used to prefer Petrol for Highway cruising, Better performance etc.
      Old diesels were slow, cranky and noisy. Very poor acceleration.

      Now we (Atleast me) prefer diesels for highway performance. The torque is tremendous, and Turbo kick is VERY addictive. Also, modern diesels have become very free revving. You need to experience how gracefully XUV can hit 160+

      Now coming to Petrols, TSI petrols with VGT turbo change the equation altogether, but for regular MPFI petrols, I can't seem to like them at all. They're little easier to drive and are forgiving on wrong gear shifts (The reason I see most ladies seen driving small petrol hatches). But due to very poor torque, they tend to clip on Speedbreakers or crawling traffic unless you're expert & Clutching/gearing.

      This is from an enthusiast performance view only. Not FE.

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