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    Thread: Petrol Car or Diesel Car?

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      Fantastic thread rksingh1 . A real eye opener. However, I was wondering, for the calculation of fuel cost for 6 years, how can you keep the cost of petrol and diesel the same? May be we should see the annual increase in the cost of petrol and diesel for the past 5 years and apply the same too? I presume, six years from now, petrol may cost Rs.200 per litre whereas diesel may be Rs.110 litre? Steep rise in petrol price is one thing that we should not miss!
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      The calculations are spot on but if you compare swift petrol and swift diesel then the mileage difference is higher. In my city new delhi most swift vdi owners are able to extract 18-20kmpl in city and for petrol its 11-13. Moreover the best part, rip a swift petrol you won't manage more than 8-9 kmpl but for diesel it would be still 15 kmpl. Resale value would add upto extra 1 lakh than petrol atleast.

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      I have got ford figo (diesel variant), I've gone with diesel option is because of pricing. However, people saying petrol has its own benefits (pick up, bla bla) but I don't care about those. Also, I should appreciate rksingh1 for sharing such a cool differentiation between fuels.

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      Nice analysis rksingh1, quite informative to folks who are confused on Diesel/Petrol cars!

      That said, I am for diesel cars only. The punch on highways is really addictive and good amount of torque makes it kool to drive.
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      It's not just the torque, it's also the economy. Floor a diesel all the time and your mileage will drop from 18kmpl to 15kmpl, floor a petrol to get half that torque at double the rpm, and watch the mileage drop from 13kmpl to 5 or 6kmpl.
      After modding, a mileage drop gets worse in a petrol.
      Diesel for me, still,thank you very much.
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      Diesel for sure. After having a petrol Indica for 8 years, I'm sure about it.
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      Folks i just wanted to get your opinions which are better cars in higways Petrol or Turbo Charged Diesel: Since in petrol pick up is instaneous whereas in diesel you have to wait till the turbo kicks in. The place where i stay and need to travel to hilly regions often don't you think diesel would be bad since by the time i wait for turbo kicking in i reach the turning and can't overtake the vehicle in front of me. then again i stay behind that vehicle and wait for the turbo to kick in........... I have a petrol boring swift but i love the kick when it sets in.. Folks plz provide your valuable opinions.
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      Good one will keep helping people to choose the car

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      Even I did a similar calculation sometime back...

      What got missed -

      Service cost of a Diesel Vehicle is more.

      Engine oil capacity of a Diesel is double than a similarly powered Petrol. Straight increase on 1000-4000 Rs per oil change(Mineral or synthetic).

      Diesel vehicle Insurance is around around 3000-4000 Rs extra per year

      The front suspensions on a diesel give way faster than the ones on a similarly powered petrol.

      Goodies like extended warranty is 2000-3000 Rs more on a Diesel Hatch.. Much more for bigger vehicles.

      Comfort, Cabin noise, Smell are other things to consider before finalizing the Diesel.

      But if you compare two vehicles.. like figo petrol vs diesel.. It would be bias to consider Petrol's mileage at 15 and diesel at 18. Petrol is at 12 Max and Diesel 17.

      As rightly pointed out by Nomad on 17th Feb, you have calculated interest on loan and also the benefit on savings.. making it double benefit.

      I had a similar calculation sheet as per my driving habits of 12K/year and Life of 60K for that vehicle. I have tweaked it considering present fuel costs and just calculating the interest on saved amount if the deal is all cash.

      Attaching the excel sheet and an Image of the same.
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Petrol vs Diesel.jpg 
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      A very simple Calculation i did while comparing figo diesel and ritz petrol.

      cost difference=100000

      price of petrol=75
      cost per km = Rs 5

      price of diesel=55
      cost per km = Rs 3.055

      difference in cost per km = 1.945

      Kms in which i will cover up my extra 1 lakh= 100000/1.945
      = 51000kms

      That is almost 5 years for me.

      Now some other points
      1 the higher resale value i get by buying a diesel is offset by the interest
      i gain if i invest the 1 lakh sensibly.
      2 The higher mentainence cost of diesel tilts favour in terms of petrol
      3 Have seen that diesel gives good mileage only when it warms up a bit
      for shorter journeys of say 4km no diesel will give the kind of mileage
      stated by diesel owners.

      This made me go towards petrol ritz and save my 1 lakh
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