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    Thread: Aggresiveness Guide - Compounds, Polishes, Paint Cleaners (popular brands)

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      Aggresiveness Guide - Compounds, Polishes, Paint Cleaners (popular brands)

      Hi Folks

      A whole world of car polishes, what is what?? So many choices, so many brands, why? Well to unravel the mystery a little, did some digging out and thanks to some research and autopia forums, i have come with a matrix. The excel lists most of the popular brands( some maybe missing) and with the level of cut.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	polish chart.jpg 
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      Now lets see if users here have USED these and have any feedback? If there are brands missing, please add them

      Now point to note is that each polish has its own pros and cons. A polish that maybe GREAT on a certain paint will not work as great on another. It has been reported and experienced that some are more compatible with a certain paint type( German, US, Japanese etc)

      To start off my experience is on

      • Meguiars M 105 and M 205: M105 is a great product, but dusts a lot especially on a rotary. One can use it a lot more by agitating with water. Most of the times M105 does not need a finishing( unless using a rotary and wool pad) and it LSP ready
      • Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish: Tried to use for higher cut and it did not, obvious! It gives a nice gloss but found the wipe off a little tricky
      • Klasse AIO: Superb AIO, can be used for a higher cut using an appropriate pad( orange in LC CCS)
      • Megs UC, Swirl X: DIY usually but have used with DA. Easy to use and wipe off but no way work on our heavily swirled cars
      • Menzerna Power Finish: Great product, leaves a decent gloss and have seen it work nice on BMW and german paints. Only issue like its nature DMAT, it needs to be worked on for long. If you leave it on and do not wipe off asap, wipe off is a paaain. Still not learn very well i feel to use the menzerna compounds
      • Menzerna Power Gloss : Also called "rocks in a bottle" cuts heavy but also leaves damage behind, HAS to be finished out. Better used with a rotary. Chokes up foam pads big time. Again, needs some more learning and welcome if anyone knows better
      • XMT 360- great one stepper but cleaning the pad is a huge pain later. There are dedicated threads for this- on how to clean a pad post using XMT 360!
      • XMT Heavy Duty Swirl Remover : Just did not like it, maybe used it wrong as used once and it was not easy to wipe off, and somehow the feel was not that great.

      I have some left in case someone wants to try and see if they can find a way to do it better
      Please go ahead and add what you can and hope this helps!

      Source: Autopia Car Care Products - Car Detailing Supplies, Car Wax, Car Polishers, Auto Detailing.
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      Its time to revive the thread! This can be a good one where people who have experience with these or other polishes may contribute for people to get some guideline on what to expect
      Recent experiences have been with
      Menzerna FG400
      Scholls S17+
      Scholls S3 Gold
      Scholls S30/S40
      Scholls A15
      Poorboys SR 2.5
      Sonus Paintworks Cleanser
      Sonus Swirl Buster. Will soon post some details of using each.
      Optimum polishes are decent too but limited experience with Hyper Polish only, will like more people to add if they have any.
      Our Online Store : store.ultimatedetailerz.com

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