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    Thread: Accident on Hosa Road - Bangalore

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      Accident on Hosa Road - Bangalore

      Yesterday, at around 2:15PM, I was on my way to my scheduled doctor visit near Amritha college(Hosa Road). I was driving very slowly/cautiously and looking out for the careless drivers on Hosa road. I spotted another guy who was just behind me on a Honda city and driving more or less like me. Once I spotted him on my rear view mirror I just let him go(I don't like people honking behind me).

      I was following the Honda for another 1 km at a safe distance. I saw a indica guy trying to overtake an auto from the opposite direction. He was at some good speed(just like the regular call center cabs). There was a two wheeler who was just behind the indica (probably at the same speed). On seeing the Honda city, the indica guy put on his headlights so that he can pass thru first. And I think he slowed a bit. The bike guy tried applying the brakes and it skidded and came right in front of Honda city and banged at the front right hand side.

      He skidded all the way for some 50 meters and hit the Honda city. I was thanking god that he did not go below the wheels.Indica guy did not know this or did not want to get into trouble and went off without stopping. All the vehicles behind the Honda city stopped. I got down to make sure the biker was fine.( I was in this kind of situation couple of times and I really know how if feels to be helped).

      Couple of locals joined and took his bike to side of the road as it was lying in the center of the road. I went to the biker and made sure he was fine. He had some scratches on his face ( in chin and below the nose). He was still in the shock. I offered him to take him to hospital . He said he is fine and he was calling his parents over phone and told me they will
      be here in few minutes. All the while the Honda driver was also in shock. Then I moved to the Honda driver and found that the front right portion (bumper) is totally gone. By seeing the condition of the bumper, I feel it has to be replaced and cannot be repaired. The bike(Hero Honda CBZ) has lost its headlight, handle totally out of shape and the petrol tank had a big dent.

      By this time all locals had come over there and started their version of stories on how this accident happened. I stepped in and told the crowd in a polite way that I saw the accident and it is not like what they say.I know what will happen to the Honda driver if the crowd goes wild. I knew it was not the Honda drivers mistake and I did not want him getting
      beaten up by the crowd for no reason of his. I told the Honda guy to inform the police just to make sure he is safe. He called up the police and Insurance guy and reported the accident.

      After few minutes the bikers parents(Father and Mother) arrived, mother took him to some hospital in Naganathapura in a auto. Biker's father when he arrived at the spot he was looking normal.But after inspecting the bike he changed his attitude.(He would have realised that the repairing cost for the bike would be more). He came to the Honda driver
      and shouted like anything to get the sympathy of the crowd.He was shouting like

      "You dont have the minimum decency to take my injured son to hospital and all". ( I smelt something fishy there.

      I had a feeling that he was doing this to win the crowd).I slowly took the biker's father out of the crowd and told him what has happened and said it was not the Honda city's fault and I told him that I have offered your son a drive to hospital and your son told that his father is on the way, so he was okay. I told the bikers father if you are still not convinced you can call your son and ask. Later I told him to call the hospital and ask how his son was feeling. He didn't have a phone and so I offered my phone to call and ask. He called the hospital and found his son was fine.

      All the while I was listening/watching what the crowd was upto. Just to make sure the Honda driver is not been attacked.I could see guy a from the crowd looking at the badge of the Honda city driver which belongs to a major software company in Electronic city. I could overhear this person talking in Kannada to other guys that the "Honda driver is a Paisa wala and we can get the damages for the bike from him". On hearing this I went to the Honda driver and told him what was cooking and told him, even if the police arrives they might be looking for a settlement so be prepared for that. As he doesn't know Kannada, I told to call some of his friends who stays nearby so that if at all they are looking for a settlement, it would be good if there is a person who is good in Kannada. So he calls up one of his friend and requests for help. I was just moving back and forth between the Honda driver and the crowd so that nothing unevitable happens.

      Once I made sure his friend is arriving, I told the Honda driver that I might leave once his friend arrives as I was getting late for the doctors appointment.( I had a Dr appointment at 2:00 PM and it was already 4:10 PM) . Once his
      friend arrived, I briefed the accident to him and gave them my number just in case they need anything and proceeded for my doctor visit. Luckily I did not have any issues at the Hospital. Thank God.

      Later in the night, the Honda driver called me to update me on the situation. After I left the spot, Police arrived and both parties agreed for FIR, they took the vehicles to the Electronics city police station and the police has advised them to go there next morning.

      The best part of this is the Honda driver knows only English and Malayalam. and the crowd(including bikers father) doesn't understand both.The crowd only understands Kannada. I can understand Kannada, but not fluent while talking.

      I would like your expert advice on how to do things better on situations like this. It would be helpful for us to know what steps to be taken in case we come across a accident or involved in a accident.
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      What next?

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      Anwar, you deserve praises for what you have done pal! Kudos to you, proud to be in such company here.

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      Good move dude. . its nice to be helpful to others

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      Anwar, what you did was commendable. Hats off to you .

      I don't think many people would have even dreamt of doing what you did.
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      Anwar, that was inspirational. I cant think of anything else that could have been done better.
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      to your help to an unknown person.

      Nicely handled.
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      Way to go! May your tribe grow!

      It was mighty kind of you to spend your time to help out a stranger!

      And as for next step, nothing much. FIR registered, the Honda guy has to get a lawyer and take it in court. The max that will happen is 'rash driving'. 1k or 2k fine paid in court. Thats it. Ask him not to do any more dealing with the bike guy.

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      kudos to you anwar. many like me aspire to do things like this, but thinking and doing is two different things. Appreciate the work you have done
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      Anwar bhai. How long have you been in India!!! Coz i'm yet to see such people anywhere around me.

      I'm sure such good acts are being counted somewhere. Great to see a REAL "Human Being"

      I think what you did is perfect. The only thing could probably be noting the indica's number if at all it was possible in a that chaos.
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