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So are you going to buy it?

Family friend ,40+ wanted to buy a budget hatchback. After some search i suggested tiago xz. Budget was 5-6 lacs. I made airbags and abs compulsory.

We went to the showroom and there he saw a blue nexon and changed his mind. So took a TD of petrol as he wont drive much. As he increased his budget to 7 lacs iam also

considering figo aspire 6 airbags petrol version.

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What is wrong in ergonomics, asking because i have not been in a Nexon?

Gear ,the storage box in the middle ,narrow cabin and the dashboard controls are placed infront of the gear . It is hard to use or see the mid and dashboard controls.Also steering doesnt has telescopic adjustment.

But with a few hundred kms of driving things will get ok. Also welding spots near boot area in some tiago/tiagor/nexon are not painted and look very bad .

Overall a vfm vehicle. Petrol xe costs 7lacs onroad and it offers airbags and abs.