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    Thread: teflon polish for ford figo

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      proJETron 2.0

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      Feb 2014
      palakkad kerala

      teflon polish for ford figo

      hey guys
      i took the delivery of my new figo last week
      the show room guys offered me a free teflon and under body coating
      but im not sure that whether it is enough for the protection of my rides paint
      can any body here help ???

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      turbokick's Avatar
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      Nov 2011
      "Teflon coating" is discussed much here in this forum, and it does not do much to the protection. Please go thru Detailing like a Pro - Maximum Shine with Minimum Effort and find a suitable plan.

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      Black Kizashi

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      Jan 2013
      "Teflon coating", just a few % contained in a wax. Just like aloe vera. It is a catch word. It cannot bond to the paint for a long time. Once the wax washes away so does the teflon. Normally it costs the dealer near to nothing in terms of material cost. So handing this freebie is just an eyewash.

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      proJETron 2.0

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      Feb 2014
      palakkad kerala
      thnx guys

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      Abduleo's Avatar
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      Jan 2014
      Mumbai, India
      Blog Entries

      Teflon Discontinued

      Teflon Coating Discontinued in 2009 By Dupont and was not designed for Car ...... You people are getting Duped by Teflon
      The Service Center Guy will Show u a bottle stating Teflon.... This is not Teflon This will be a Rubbing Compound ......Again Duped
      Even Showroom Guys Deal with Teflon Coating ..... Again Duped
      Facts About Teflon
      When teflon based oil additives were put on the market in the 70's they were hailed as "magic elixers" for motor oil. Slick 50 is a teflon based oil additive, which combines PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene) and teflon in a carrier fluid such as conventional motor oil. Manufacturers of Slick 50 claim that it coats the internal engine mechanical components with PTFE and lasts up to 50,000 miles. Other teflon based oil additives make similar claims to reduce wear, increase fuel economy, and cut oil consumption.
      Recently , however, a growing number of experts in the automotive industry have begun to speak out about these additives.
      *General Motors has issued an internal bulletin to its dealers warning against the use of teflon based oil additives in GM engines. In the bulletin, HM warns about problems with accelerated engine wear after use of PTFE oil additives.
      *Dupont, maker of teflon, formally announced that it would discontinue selling Teflon powder to companies using it to forify oil in 2009
      DuPont has reviewed extensive research by its own scientists as well as others and concluded that teflon is not useful in oil addditives.

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