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    Thread: Fuel Prices Revised!! yet again

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      Quote Originally Posted by sgiitk View Post
      How many states reduced their own taxation?
      The classic Whataboutery! The reason for state govts not reducing their taxes is that they want revenue too, to keep the machinery running without a quid-pro-quo arrangement - a lot of things are under the state govts' responsibility, and it needs money. The big boss can't simply ask them to go fly a kite, because they are there as per the constitution and elected by the people. Education, law & order, public health, just to name a few.
      Quote Originally Posted by Lvramanan View Post
      Will it burdern mango man further or would be a breather ?
      It's going to benefit each one of the 600 Crore Indians, just the way the higher fuel prices are bringing in all forms of prosperity in our lives today
      What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

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      Guys wait, the popular "how many state" argument is repeated every time just to counter the state governments formed by opposition parties and saving own face. But just think for a moment, how many states are left with governments by opposition parties? So don't fall for it.

      It's part of mission "Tab tum kahan the?" ("Where were you then?")

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      Surprisingly, the 5 different petrol pumps I visited here in last 2 weeks were not displaying rates on the LED boards! One can see it only on the display of the dispensing machine. Don't know whether it is by any midnight order from the govt?

      Considering the daily revision of the rates, it is essential to instill the trust in the system.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dev11 View Post
      it is essential to instill the trust in the system.
      Unfortunately, just by saying "you have to trust us !", trust can not be instilled. It is gained by experience, by doing what is right, doing credible actions, delivering promises made (even the ones not made), getting what one deserves (in reality, a bit more than one deserves to have that positive vibes), feeling safe while in the system, gaining a belief that i will not be wronged, i will not be short changed, i will not be at dis-advantageous position, more than that if that happens, i get quick justice in time and not without further loss, "(my) truth has prevailed" feeling.

      but unfortunately, none of this is actually happening in "our system", even if it is happening, it's instances, frequency of such happenings far lesser than the frequency and instances of it not happening. It needs to happen in larger issues first (compared to fuel pricing). ... Accountability, Public Spending, Justice, Education, Opportunities, Ease of Living/Business, Social Life (not online, but real one), Jobs, Taxes we pay .... etc etc. Of course it has to happen with Fuel Pricing also.

      Rich People (<3% of India's population) do not trust the system, so they influence it to ensure that their interests are taken care. Poor people (80% + in case of India, all shades of poverty combined) have not invested any of their money (can not pay taxes) in the system do not worry about trust, they anyway do not trust the system or politicians. they expect government to give them something than they earning it by their will, skill and abilities. The middle ones (17%) hope that they also get "something" from government (like poor people) and they also hope that they get rich (so that they can influence their way through the government), in most cases, they get neither. , The Government (the staff, employees etc), do not trust people, they believe everyone is there to game the system. so they are trained to look at how to avoid issues, how to get own benefits while people game the system. So in a nutshell there is no trust in the system.

      Current Government (actually it is politicians) who blame previous regimes (over 70 years) for everything that has not happened. Their followers say that 4 years is too less time for making a credible and visible change. India is a young country, more than 65% population is less than 35 years of age. Some of the signs of Young Age are "Impatience" "I will try out different options", "i will succeed at whatever i do" .... along with Energy, Passion, ability to strive...adapt to the change... etc. hope young people would actually demonstrate these signs and do the needful to change the statuesque.
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      It's easy to blame.. there is a very good song by Savage Garden where the lyrics goes- your parents did the best job they could do!
      Similarly, the past govt did the best it could do.
      Remember, we and Pakistan got independence at the same time.
      You can only change the present and the future. What the present govt. is doing has ruined our present, but at the end of the tunnel, there is hope.. just wish that hasty decisions like demonetization are not repeated!
      Why walk when you can run?

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      US attacked Syria citing reasons that Syria attacked Syria so teaching lesson to Syria was necessary.

      All this brain-frying exercise leads into crude price crossing $72.
      just few posts back I posted about $70 level, thats some quick growth.

      Nehru ji not reducing taxes on fuel and gases,
      Highways in my area have speed limit marked 80km/hr despite 100-120km/hr are the new norms,
      cops have miscalibrated speed guns which show 100km/hr when I am doing 80-90.
      Looks like I better buy a camel to rule the desert sea

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