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    Thread: Latest Trends - News - Products

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      Quote Originally Posted by skyhawk View Post
      News - 1Z Einszett closed down.

      Einszett / 1Z Einszett German car care company , famous for its "Gummi Pflege" rubber/plastic seal conditioner closed down its operation.

      But its ex-staff are starting a new brand "nextzett", and will continue the same products.
      Fantastic product...real sad when an icon falls.

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      Autogeek.net - new product line.

      Autogeek had "Detailers Pro series "
      Name:  DP-logo-new.jpg
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      which includes all kind of products except any abrasive compound/polishes.

      and also "Pinnacle XMT series"
      Name:  autogeek_2271_123491265.jpg
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      includes only abrasive compound/polishes.

      Now both of those products lines has been merged and named "McKee's 37" series.

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	McKees_37_008.jpg 
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Size:	121.3 KB 
ID:	217478

      Not just relabeled products but complete re formulated. And this will be Autogeek's mass / budget product brand.

      McKee's 37 Waxes, Coatings, Compounds, exceptional car care, professional detailing products

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      New products from Poorboy's World.

      Tornado Pad Cleaner , Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner , Enzyme Stain & Odor Remover , Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4 New Products.jpg 
Views:	11 
Size:	95.5 KB 
ID:	222269

      Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Carpet and Upholstery 16oz.jpg 
Views:	11 
Size:	221.9 KB 
ID:	222270

      Poorboy’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner is safe and effective for cleaning automotive carpet, carpeted floor mats and cloth seats. This is a non-toxic, highly concentrated formula that emulsifies dirt and lifts stains from fabrics. It’s tough enough for spot cleaning tough stains yet gentle enough to use anytime the need arises. Concentrated Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner from Poorboy’s World is a great choice for cleaning the fabric in your automotive interior, plus it’s great for cleaning around the home, boat or RV.

      Safe and effective for cleaning Automotive Carpet, Carpeted Floor Mats and Cloth Seats.

      Hyper-Concentrated Formula (1:32 Dilution)
      Spray-on, Scrub & Vac Away
      Leaves a Clean, Fresh Scent
      Dries in Minutes


      Poorboy’s Enzyme Stain & Odor Remover

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Enzyme 16oz.jpg 
Views:	10 
Size:	273.5 KB 
ID:	222271

      Poorboy’s Enzyme Stain & Odor Remover is an all natural, non-toxic, bacterial enzyme based cleaner that literally devours organic stains and destroys odors. This environmentally friendly product is a great choice for pre-cleaning and deodorizing vehicle interiors and around the home. Enzyme Stain & Odor Remover from Poorboy's World works exceptionally well for dissolving food and pet stains. It also completely removes offensive urine odor with ease.

      Contains Bacterial Enzymes
      Removes Organic Stains
      Destroys Disgusting Odors
      Must Have for Pet Owners
      Safe, Eco-friendly Cleaning


      Tornado Pad Cleaner

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Tornado Pad Cleaner 16oz.jpg 
Views:	11 
Size:	285.4 KB 
ID:	222272

      Poorboy’s World Tornado Pad Cleaner is a specialized cleaning solution that cleans all foam, wool and microfiber buffing and polishing pads and polishing balls. Tornado Pad Cleaner loosens and emulsifies dried, caked on compound, polish, wax and sealant residues that cause polishing pads to gum up and the lose the ability to perform.

      Buffing and polishing pads that are cleaned with Tornado Pad Cleaner will be restored, rejuvenated and ready to perform like new again.


      Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner 16oz.jpg 
Views:	13 
Size:	223.0 KB 
ID:	222273

      Poorboy’s World Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner is a highly concentrated detergent that cleans all microfiber towels, microfiber pads and microfiber applicators. This is a low suds formula that is safe for all HE (High Efficiency) Washing Machines. Typhoon is especially effective at removing wax, polish and sealant residue from the fibers and it rinses completely so towels will feel softer and perform better. Regular laundry detergent isn't formulated to break up and dissolve the wax, sealant, compound and polish residue found in microfiber towels that are used for polishing and detailing.

      Poorboy’s Typhoon Microfiber Cleaner was designed to thoroughly clean microfiber towels and rinse completely. Your towels will be softer and perform better after every wash!


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      Dec 2011

      From CarPro

      Few new products from CarPro,

      1. CarPro Essence PLUS: Non-abrasive Gloss Agent

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Essence_Plus_500ml__17992.1477992841.780.780.jpg 
Views:	9 
Size:	78.3 KB 
ID:	222999

      CarPro Essence PLUS is NOT Essence… Where Essence could go UNDER the coat, Essence PLUS can go OVER the coat. Essence PLUS is a unique, easy to use, SiO2 coat made from a distinct blend of ceramic coat repair agents, high gloss quartz resins, and hydrophobic nanoparticles!

      The concept behind Essence PLUS was an extremely glossy, semi-permanent nano-agent for repairing durable ceramic coatings, which has been abused or mistreated over the course of time. Historically, the only option that a technician had was to polish or compound the damaged ceramic coating and then re-coat, starting from scratch.

      However… over the course of development, Essence PLUS grew into something… unexpected but equally satisfying! It is not coated… but uncoated paint that finds its way into the “cross-hairs” of Essence PLUS!

      With Essence PLUS, we introduce you to the first NON-abrasive solution to repair fine swirls, when an abrasive correction is not in the cards! While increasing the gloss, Essence PLUS simultaneously cleanses the surface, leaving a “smooth as glass” feel and amazing hydrophobic properties!


      High Gloss Jeweling Coat
      Repairs Nano Coatings
      Adds layer of SiO2 Quartz protection
      Excellent Hydrophobic Agent
      Produces Extreme Gloss
      Use with D/A or by Hand
      Cleans, glosses, and protects: bare paint, PPF, chrome, and glass
      Formulated for Professional use on previously coated vehicles


      2. CarPro ECH2o Concentrate - Waterless Wash, High Gloss Detail Spray, Rinse-less Wash, and Clay Lubricant

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ech2O_500ml__07998.1478018160.780.780.JPG 
Views:	8 
Size:	87.6 KB 
ID:	223000

      EcH2o is an entirely new waterless cleanser and gloss-enhancer built on 2 years of research and development by CarPro Chemicals! EcH2o was designed to work in harmony with ceramic coatings and even provides easy cleaning of non-coated or waxed surfaces! Based on a SiO2 hybrid framework and an eco-friendly organic lubricant solution, EcH2o safely cleans and glosses a variety of exterior vehicle surfaces with ease!
      The secret to the safe cleansing abilities provided by EcH2o is a combination of its modified high gloss SiO2 component and its innate cleansing abilities, which easily removes dust and light dirt whilst leaving behind a wet, glass-like surface! The finish left by EcH2o mimics the incredible properties that have become synonymous with CarPro SiO2 sealants and CQuartz coatings throughout the years!

      High Gloss SiO2 Hybrid Detail Spray
      Incredible waterless wash!
      Also excels at rinse-less, & clay lubricant
      Safely cleans without swirls
      Works great even in direct sun
      Eco Friendly
      Amazing on chrome
      Excellent on rubber and plastic trim - Does not stain
      Fast & Easy
      Versatile, works well on many materials
      Works great on both coated and un-coated vehicles


      3. CarPro ImmoLube - Multi purpose lubricant

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Immolube_1L__94862.1469680411.780.7801__82160.1474992079.780.780.jpg 
Views:	8 
Size:	17.0 KB 
ID:	223001

      An excellent new lubrication solution infused with a special mixture of surfactants and solvents designed for reducing friction while sanding, polishing, or claying painted surfaces. Its non-stick formula offers enough viscosity to reduce unwanted digging and marring. Immolube has no protective polymers, no unwanted gloss enchancers, and is easy to remove with a wash or Eraser wipe. ImmoLube works wonders while using sanding discs for spot repairs or denibbing and is an excellent partner for use with the CarPro Polyshave tools!

      Primary Applications:

      Synthetic clay
      Reduces unwanted marring
      Wet sanding


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      Dec 2011
      Meguiar's released few new products recently. Few interesting products are ,

      1. Ultimate Fast Finish - A spray sealant in a aerosol Can similar like Sonax PNS.

      Name:  Fast Finish.jpg
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Size:  30.1 KB

      Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fast Finish2.jpg 
Views:	10 
Size:	259.0 KB 
ID:	224608


      Meguiar's most advanced paint protecting formula
      Technologically advanced, innovative, synthetic polymer coating provides relentless water beading protection wash after wash*
      Protects for a full year!*
      Meguiar's fastest & easiest way to protect a paint finish, simply spray on & wipe off
      Use by itself or even on top of wax to extend protection.
      *Lab tested durability over 100 wash cycles using a pH balanced car wash


      2. Wash Plush+ - Bug and tar remover in paste form.

      Name:  G25024_WashPlus_Custom_.png
Views: 57
Size:  80.6 KB

      Meguiar's Wash Plus+ is a car wash plus a whole lot more!


      Cleans tough dirt
      Removes bugs & tar
      Polishes away light scuffs
      Saves Time! Apply Directly to Mitt
      Clear Coat Safe


      Super Concentrated, Does 20+ cars!

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