Often, we get 1 liner posts asking what equipment to use in their cars. It's practically impossible to be able to suggest anything with 1 or 2 lines.

So kindly follow the following format, to make it easier for us to help you get what you are seeking out to achieve.

Car Make: XYZ


Genre Preference
: Rock/Jazz/Club/Trance/Bollywood/Regional/Heavy metal etc etc.

Artist/Band Preference:
Pink Floyd, AC-DC, Dire Straits, Sonu Nigam, Taylor Swift etc etc.

Your intended goal
: Eg: Vocal centric setup with more focus to midrange/bass heavy setup/SQ bass/SPL bass/bright/neutral/laid back setup etc etc...

Existing Equipment: Equipment you have and would like to re-use.

: If you want a whole system you can layout the complete budget for everything. Or if you already have decided on the budget you'd like to spend on each item, kindly specify that.

Equipment needed
: Eg: 1 pair of components + 1 pair of co-ax + 1 4ch amp for speakers + 1 mono block for subwoofer + wiring kit + subwoofer + damping etc etc.

Any other specific requirement:
Eg: Need fiberglass A pillar pods OR Need OE looks OR Need fibreglass subwoofer enclosure etc.

If you outline what it is that you are looking for clearly, it will help us that much more to help you in return, quicker and better.

Please try to be as detailed as possible and as specific about your needs as possible! It goes a long way in us trying to understand your requirement.