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    Thread: Vw polo 1.2 tdi highline 2011

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      Quote Originally Posted by vehfreak View Post
      It seems hydraulic pump noise...I feel nothing serious
      No hydraulic pump or fluid in Polo, its fully electric.

      Quote Originally Posted by sparkls View Post
      Getting a ''grr grr'' sound from the steering, when it is rotated. The sound is audible when car is in neutral. SA says noting wrong, but google gives a big list of problems like suspension, tyre,bearing etc.
      Both views mentioned above are right but whats correct in your case can only be said after diagnosis. The grr-grr noise you hear while rotating the steering when car is parked is usually caused by the dust particles settling in the internals of the steering column (inside the cabin). Usual remedy practiced by the workshops is spraying some sort of liquid which eliminates the noise.

      If the noise still doesn't go away then it may be something serious, get it diagnosed.
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