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    Thread: Laali meet World, World meet Laali : New Age Mahindra XUV500 Mara Red W10 FWD

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      i suggest you go for highest IDV possible with every ADD on available .

      IDV doesnt come into play only During TOTAL loss , iDV will determine if YOUR CAR is REPAIRABLE or TOTAL loss .

      TOTAL loss is a result based on two CRITERIA

      1: damage to CHASSIS that can compromise a cars Structural integrity

      2: has the given repair estimate Crossed 75%-80% of IDV .

      incase a Cars Chassis or STRUCTURAL integrity is compromised then it doesnt matter just take IDV and walk out .

      BUT incase you IDV is 11lakhs but Repair estimate is Rs 890000/- (80% of IDV ) car will be written off as TOTAL loss . and give you 11lakhs (minus some amount )

      but if you had an IDV of 14lakhs insurance will fix the car for you and pay A.S.S Rs 890000/-

      now you may ask that if a car warrants Rs890000/- worth repair is it safe to use it later ,

      my answer is in cars that cost above 10lakhs , repairs are expensive , the real cost of repairs would be only 4 lakhs but A.s.s can inflate bills to 8lakhs easily .

      ill just site an example , MY cruze IDV should be 5.5-6 lakhs only with 20k premium .
      but i paid 40k premium for a 10lakh IDV .

      i crashed my under carriage last year , GB and few other components were broken , no damage any where else .

      Chevy gave an initial estimate of 2 lakhs and then after insurance approves , chevy backtracked saying the GB is OLD and they dont have FULL GB now and only CHILD parts can be sold , which inflated the BILL to 6LAKHS just for GB .

      the insurance surveyor , assuming that a 2011 CRUZE can never HAVE an IDV above 6lakhs told my car is TOTAL loss .

      i pointed out my IDV was 10lakhs , he was shocked and he enquired with his manager and then finally had to fight with CHevy and reach a compromise with chevy over the amount and paid some 4.4lakhs and i paid 60k even though i had a zerodep policy (since surveyor openly told me that i had to pay for salvage ). since i wanted my car out i agreed t pay the 60k else i could have escalated to IRDA or some forum since i had a BULLET proof policy .

      so if the car cost above 10 lakhs ...... take the highest IDV on offer with any and ALL addons .

      i hate arguing with insurance surveyors and A.S.S guys over who pays for what .

      i take every addon and make sure the insurance guys cant even open thier mouth to me regarding consumables /salvage /engine damage etc .

      yes i pay Rs10000-15000/- more than the basic premium every year for all my cars and bikes , but in the event of a claim , the additional 10-15k inr translates in to 3-5lakhs more .


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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Mar 2011
      Chennia, tamil nadu
      And from what I know , XUV 500 W10 sun roof cost some 1.5lakhs right ,

      Few body panels + few glass panels + som alloys + tyres + few mechanical parts which can be easily replaced .

      Might end up costing 6-7lakhs + and end up making your car total loss , even though it would have been structurally fit .

      In that case pay out might be 10lakhs ,

      But you would have paid 18lakhs OTR + accessories + taken care of the car paying top ruppee for best service available .

      Incase car was taken on loan , the interest paid is also gone .

      But if you pay 5k-10k premium more , getting a higher IDV

      Two scenarios may happen

      Either Insurance decides to pay the repair Estimate and give your structurally intact car with new panels+ glass + mechanicals to you


      At least you get 13-17lakhs back in form of IDV out from the 18lakhs you paid .

      Incase of scenario one ,
      You can either use the car or sell it in case your doubt full of it's safety , and get a decent amount out of it .

      How ever you see , it's comes down to 10-15k inr ,

      Either you pay 10k extra now get few extra lakhs when a big claim happens


      Save 10k-15k now forgo few lakhs or your whole car when a big claim happens .

      So highest IDV + zerodep + add-ons =. Shut up and pay the bill policy (that's how I call it )

      Servic centers charge insane amounts as labour now a days , bills reach very high amounts for what would have been simple damages a few years ago .

      So it's your call finally , I always prefer having my cars for 10years /200000kms
      And spend quite a lot on thier mechanical health .

      So I don't want some insurance guy writing off my car over some inflated bill , which could have been avoided paying few thousands now .

      That's my opinion .


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      The last 2 posts explain why we call *Bhai* as the almighty _/|\_
      and he's our insurance

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