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Is the 60k service a much cheaper one in general?
My experience is limited to the cars I own.

The odd ones (10k, 30k, 50k, etc. intervals) I do as a DIY - oil and filter change, air filter replacement, fluid topups (battery, brake fluid, coolant), brake cleaning and caliper greasing, WA/WB done outside. Costs me about 3.5k-4k and a whole lotta elbow grease for both my Ritz and Verna. Both are diesels.

Only the even ones (20k, 40k, 60k, etc.) see ASS visits. Includes all of the above plus fluid replacements. This costs me 8.5k for Verna and 9.5 to 10k for the Ritz. Maruti is definitely not cheap to own, at least the diesel.

Ritz got the 60k service last month and the bill was 10k. Verna is at 45k on odo but I don't see any increase in service cost going by what the manual says the car needs.