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    Thread: Hot Question in Hot Summer : Are Online Forums inching towards inevitable... Death ?

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      You answered your question with your opening post . You might have discussed this in your Whatsapp group, still, to have a replies from wide sample of people, forums are the only choice.

      Even in Whatsapp, some groups are a PIA type, forwarding same messages over and over again. It is better suited for a small group of close friends. A forum is totally different, When I had newly purchased my car and had my first share of scratches, I was totally distraught. Got so much encourgement and advice from complete strangers that I forgot my aprehensions and was back to normal soon. Even now with so many members dormant, a new member with his first scratch /query will get an overwhelming response. This is not possible anywhere and for this reason alone, the forums will be there for time to come..


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      As a few have pointed out, instant Chats like whats app etc have taken dominance. Many groups are formed with like minded people.

      But even whats app groups can also have the same death. Repeated posts, irrlevant posts. Forwarded jokes etc.
      Very rarely will you find people discussing topics for which the whats app groups were created. Apart from the initial few months post starting the group. Once saturation is reached new groups are formed that now have only like minded people and then same saga again in a few months.

      Forums on the other hand gives a fresh release from a wider section of people, and its sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

      Fresh Perspective from unknown people.
      Organised Sub forums
      Easier to search for relevant information or recall a thread. compared to a whats app chat.

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      There is just too much porn in whatsapp groups and since there is no moderation things will go out of hand in these groups. Forum is best used and will be used for most of the serious discussions. What we may see less is people posting and answering instant queries in the forum, organizing meets etc as they would get quick response through instant messaging compared to forums.

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      My Answer would be in two parts:

      1. Will online forums (including Automobile forum) cease to exist - No, there will always be some dedicated user base for online forums.
      2. Will some online forum face death - Yes, the limited user base will remain active only in a number of forurms. So some forums will face death.

      Why social networking will not be able to give knock out punch.

      - Social networking intrudes too much into one's life 24 x 7. Online forums can be kept at arms length. We use it when we are free to do so.

      - Knowledge base that can be gathered in a online forum, can't be matched by SNs. (e.g. can one get the detailing posts of Gearheads in Whatsapp, Twitter & FB)

      - Too much noise and ******** in SN

      What I feel that quality forums which give emphasis on good, serious discussions will survive.

      On the other hand, there can be a thought that in a speacialized forum (like an automobile forum), all serious discussions, information etc. have already been completed in the early years and what is there to be discussed ? In this aspect, technology based forums are better placed than automobile forums as new happenings are rare in automobile forums. Still, there will always be new cars launch to be discussed, new accessories to be drooled, new buying query to be attended, new places to be visit & discussed, new problems to be attended, new policies to be deliberated etc.

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      Quote Originally Posted by sanguine View Post
      In this aspect, technology based forums are better placed than automobile forums as new happenings are rare in automobile forums.
      We get into forums not only for the technological updates or to sake our thirst for knowledge - it is more of a scratching your itch feel or like comfort food. Known forums discussing beaten to death subjects which are of personal interests are zones of comfort. We get in just to be see our points accepted, acknowledged, debated or even negated. On-line auto forums like GH and Tbhp are on-line versions of clubs. New platforms will eventually take over - right now it is full of chaos. But then this will be a case of old wine in a new bottle

      Still, there will always be new cars launch to be discussed, new accessories to be drooled, new buying query to be attended, new places to be visit & discussed, new problems to be attended, new policies to be deliberated etc
      ...and as roadracer mentioned, dont forget the grievance section!!

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      Online forums are like cinema halls!
      With introduction of TV, Bigger TVs, Flat TVs, Mobiles, Projectors, Piracy, Free Movies, Video Libraries.... It was thought cinema would die out! But Cinema income only keeps increasing! The 100 crore club and higher!

      My observation and experience on online forums tells me that the old members keeps replacing with new members and the life cycle maintains.
      Just like Cinemaaa! If you take a vote every 5 years in a cinema hall, the majority of age group would lie between 25-35!
      Take a similar poll in an online forum, it would be same.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Digital Vampire View Post
      Just read the thread - Found the reasons extremely juvenile! (to say the least!) The forum and its content belongs to the community. AFAIK Fiat never asked them to start a forum - why would anyone sink a ship just to kill a rat!
      A closed mouth gathers no feet.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Digital Vampire View Post
      TFI is closing down 1st June 2016 | Team Fiat
      Quote Originally Posted by kb100 View Post
      ust read the thread - Found the reasons extremely juvenile
      it may just mean that the founders got ill treated at FIAT garages consistently and they might have sold their FIAT Cars. It may also mean is what every great things they were propagating about FIAT did not add any new members or followers or sales numbers to FIAT. Another way to look at is few people consistently bet on a horse, which has been losing in the race year after year. probably someone told these guys to find a different horse.

      another more practical reason could be Passion for a particular activity = Money Earned - Money Spent + Appreciation/Achievements gained - trouble faced. In this case, money spent is higher than money earned, appreciation earned is lesser than troubles faced. by putting up EoL notice, they may want to attract new sponsor who may want to put in money to run the show longer.
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