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    Thread: Buying and registering a car in differnet places?

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      Quote Originally Posted by shashanka View Post
      What are the documents a buyer must have for buying a used car (Lucknow registered from a certified dealer, eg First Choice, True Value etc) ?
      Can we (my wife or I) buy a used car in Lucknow under these circumstances?
      The ownership needs to be transferred to an address somewhere in the same state as Lucknow (UP). Nowadays Aadhaar is defacto proof, and that contains a Bombay address!
      You may ask your RTO helpline in Lucknow to see if they allow you to register the car in your wife's name, given the situation.
      Or, you could ask any of the agents in Lucknow.
      Either way, the answer will be good enough for a new car or used.

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      In Bhai we Trust
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      Talk to an RTO agent. Anything and everything is possible in RTO with the right contacts and right documents which usually the agents will have. I have had a couple of original licenses issued from the same RTO.

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      ^^^ Thanks limraj, WildWeasel,
      I shall take your suggestion and try to get some clarity through a registered RTO. Hopefully, as you say the problem should resolve itself!
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      In UP even a transfer from one city to another is almost impossible.
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