We keep pushing ourselves to try something new all the time. We started with retail sales of some of the most sought after brands from across the globe! Slowly, we moved into importing and distribution of Audiofrog speakers & subwoofers, Zapco amplifiers, started our own in-house E4 Damping as well for India. What next was always the next big question!

Given the number of Hi-End installs we've been doing off late, the lack of good hi-end Head-Units with a digital output lead us to use the iPad Mini as a source, feeding a digital signal into the DSP. Now integrating the iPad into the cars wasn't an easy task. So we came up with an idea to make integrating iPad mini into our cars a lot more effective and something that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg or more.

Introducing, our iPad dash kits that are made in-house.

Precision designed to fit your iPad Mini 1/2/3 snugly.

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Entire kit is made of a fiberglass composite material that makes it extremely light, yet strong and can last for years.

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For those of you who want to keep your iPads charged all the time or for those of you who want to run a digital signal out of your iPad to a DSP, we have options of connecting a lightning connector to the iPad which also serves as the docking pin.

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Here is a photo of my personal iPad Mini 3 hooked upto into one of our iPad kits.

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I am sure many of you here would have heard about Soundman CA who are very popular at making these kits. Here is a small video from their YouTube channel on how this kit works.

Installation of this kit needs some fiberglassing expertise as well. A video on how you can integrate the iPad Mini into the dash of your cars.

A similar kit if sourced from the USA would cost you anywhere between 20-22k inclusive of shipping & customs.

Since this kit is made in-house, we are able to keep the costs really down, yet maintain extreme high quality. The kit along with the Suede backing and the magnets will cost you just 14,000 INR.

For those of you who do not have access to an installer who can fiberglass this for you, we at Harmonixx will do the same for your cars. Charges for the 2-DIN dash kit that will have to be procured for your car and the labour charges for the fabrication will be additional. And we will ship ready made kits all across India once you confirm your order and the model of you car.

We also have stock of the following items that you will need to go digital into a DSP:

1. Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter.
2. HDMI to Optical adapter.
3. Step Down Variable Power Supply.
4. Optical Cables.
5. 30-pin to Lightning adapter for those of you using the older iPads.
6. 90 degree Lightning charging cable.
7. Lightning extension cable.

For further details and any queries or doubts, you can get in touch with us via E-Mail on harmonixxcaraudio@gmail.com or you can Call/SMS/What's App us on +918762801414.