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  • View Poll Results: Will you buy a car for your teenager ?, by when ?

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    Thread: Consumer Opinion : Will you buy your teenage daughter or son a car ?, if yes by when

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      We are providing them bicycles
      We are providing PCs to our kids already
      We are letting them have their own smart phone as well
      We are letting them travel on their own to adventure camps, school trips etc
      We also put them in boarding schools and let them learn/manage on their own in some cases
      We are letting them buy own laptops in junior colleges
      Amazing topic Saar. Loved it.

      In my case all the above quoted points are ok. no issues in that.

      But cars only after they start taking the responsibilities and not before that given the fact how things are around us,
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      Yes will give a car, motorbikes are dangerous.

      Boy-- Will give a car with 6 airbags, and a digital speed limiter like the one provided in new figo. My cell phone number will be in the rear windshield in case any complaints has to be made.

      Girl-- Same car but will be chauffeured.

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      Looking at the comments, makes me wonder how our parents allowed us to ride motorcycles.
      I would go 25 kms one way on them, on my return mother would be praying in the balcony. Slowly the concerns vanished.
      Dont be over-protective for your kids. They will take care of themselves, just like we did.
      If they dont want to drive, get them a driver. But, we cant decide for them!
      If my parents, my spouse, my friends etc decided for me.. i may not have done many road trips. The decision has to be of the user rather than giver/gifter etc etc.
      It may be possible that I die in the next road trip, but then I took it! Sometimes, it is worth dying doing what you love doing.
      Remembering Morpheus of Matrix! I can only show you the path, the decision to take the blue pill or the red one is yours!
      Although he knew a lot, just like the parents, but who decides is the end user.
      A parent and the kid below!
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      Unlike the 80's and 90's kids grew up the trend is slowly changing from bicycle/scooters to cars.

      I rarely see some teenager on a bicycle now. In the name of fitness, teenagers are buying cycles worth half a lakh and keeping it in their garage.

      The bikes these days teenagers drive are KTM Duke, Yamaha R15 (Minimum). Whereas I used to travel around a bicycle till my 10th. I was only allowed to borrow my dad's bajaj spirit for tuitions. And yes I had a below 50cc licence then. And then after a lot of fighting at home I bought the Bajaj Pulsar in 11th STD, the then cool bike.

      And yes, I would definitely love to sit next to my kid/kids, teach them how to drive, bore them with my history of driving and would buy them once I feel they are confident and safe enough to drive.

      But first, "Let me get married"
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      Quote Originally Posted by muztariq View Post
      makes me wonder how our parents allowed us to ride motorcycles
      I rode a lot, and toured a lot on bikes. But that long ago, traffic was a lot less, and a lot more caring.

      These days, I drive a lot, and what I see on our roads is not funny. It is something like the "wild west", people are brutal with bikers(and cars, but it is a lot harder to get killed if you are surrounded by metal and airbags), and there is no extra space or safety margin that is given to other road users. Bikers on their part irritate all other road users by cutting them off with *** abandon, and especially in the cities and towns, keeps denting and scratching everything they pass by. In Bangalore traffic, they are a swarm, and cars are lucky if they dont get their paint taken out by an inconsiderate biker.

      Quote Originally Posted by bala4567 View Post
      I rarely see some teenager on a bicycle now
      Not true at least in Bangalore and Kerala. Bicycles are the rage with kids and adults, and my kids are almost always found riding their bikes. We used to do early morning rides on Sundays on public roads, but not anymore. I am scared to take the bicycles out...
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      I'll let my kid decide what he wants to do when he grows up. I'm not going to force him not to ride and miss out all the fun I had/have with a motorcycle. If he still feels he needs a car to himself, then yes I will indeed get him a car.
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      Well its a too far for my girls to be driving. More than a decade or so 3 & 6 years old now.

      More than the affordability in a social thinking I would let them graduate from Cycle, to scooters & then to cars. They should get to know the +s & -s of each of them and enjoy the fun in each of the phase.

      In my opinion I won't buy them a car in their teen age first. Why ? All crazy attempts & let me try that out, happens during our teenage days & the so called modern generation are even more advanced and mistakes do happen at a very early stage. For this I had my own share of crazienss, accidents & risky attempts for which my parents were very much worried. Having a social view, I don't want my kids to be spoilt that way & once they're matured enough to understand the situation around them & able to have a responsible view (which I would figure when they're ready), I would give them a option to choose from what they want. May not be a Merc or some high end. Whatever I could afford at that point in time, yes, I would buy them.
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      The question of in how many years makes no sense whatsoever.

      What is the legal age ? 18.

      In other countries they can drive so long as they are assisted by 16. That is when they go and do the test.

      If a car is required then give them a car. Better that way then find out they bashed up your car isn't it. A car is safer than a bike.

      Most of my friends abroad could drive by 16 if they were to have any sort of social life. Can't fool around inside the house.

      Those friends have kids of their own now.

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      True story bro... My dad got me a 2L km run maruti esteem in college and I never had money for anything else!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by xander View Post
      My dad got me a 2L km run maruti esteem in college and I never had money for anything else!
      A classmate from college had an Alto and also a Kinetic Nova. We used to call them "Trains". Among other things, the mufflers found it very difficult to stay in place, hence he could be heard even from a kilometre away, like Trains. His parents were rich NRIs (yea, the "achayan" type from "Gelff" ), yet the Trains ensured that he had just enough money to fill petrol and his tummy. True story.
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