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  • View Poll Results: Will you buy a car for your teenager ?, by when ?

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    Thread: Consumer Opinion : Will you buy your teenage daughter or son a car ?, if yes by when

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      I will never let my teenage daughter drive the car, leave alone buy her one. She will be allowed to sit on the steering wheel when she gets to 18 years.

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      Ah - my daughter is 1 yrs 8 month. I just got her a cycle.

      I am never getting her a car. She buys from her own money whenever she can afford it. I will assist her, but I would teach her to take her own decision. Most probably that will be after she is 21-22 yrs. I will let her drive my cars when she attains the legal age of driving and owns a driving licence.

      Scooty will be her choice. May be I'll get her one depending upon her maturity level after 18 years. I understand safety issues very well!

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      IF and that's a big if I do plan to get hitched and have children... I plan to start coaching them how to go-kart by the time they are 5. And teach them how to drive well really young, as long as it's something they like and enjoy!

      I have travelled the length and breadth of this country because of my love for driving! I doubt that would have happened if not for the support of my parents who did buy me my 1st car.

      Even if I don't "buy" them a new car, I'll definitely allow them to use one of my cars that will be lying around in my garage whenever they need.

      Owning a car teaches a person a lot of things! How to keep it clean, how to maintain it, emotional attachment, liberty to take up road trips etc.
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      I am sure I can persuade my daughter that diamonds are better off than a car . Given the safety factor I would never let her drive . Apart from that all my cars are hers . I have no distinction of mine /hers /wife in the family . My wife has strict instructions that she never takes the daughter on a 2 wheeler .

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