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    Thread: My Home Theater

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      SONY HT-RT5 ... i think this will be well paired and integrated with my SONY Bravia TV
      While it is true that it will be well paired with your Sony TV, it need not necessarily mean that others will not pair well. So that should not be a consideration, i think.

      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      So far i had not considered sound bars for my set up as i had made wiring arrangements for each channel separately except woofer which must be wireless for me.
      If you have already made provisions for wiring for 5.1, it makes sense to go for pure 5.1 HT system, and don't compromise on quality and experience by going for one based on soundbar. Moreover, i felt that a pair of additional BT transmitter and receiver (for rear speakers) add roughly 6k-10k to the cost of the system, and you need additional power point for rear speakers to power the rear receiver unit, which will add one more box unnecessarily, and additional wiring which has not have been provisioned for. Moreover, BT connected speakers can't beat wired speakers as there may be issues with delay and sometimes due to interference in case of BT. We all are aware of how a wired LAN connection is much better than a WiFi connection. So just let your subwoofer be wireless.

      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      I might also listen to a Samsung or Philips or JBL/Harmann system as well (i do not remember the part no though)
      I did not find any JBL showroom easily accessible for me, while Harman is there at Phoenics Mall. And you forgot about presence of Yamaha (Indiranagar 11th Main showroom, and service centre on 14th Main). Among all these brands, i believe HK and Yamaha excel.

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      Quote Originally Posted by speed79 View Post
      i believe HK and Yamaha excel.
      HK amps are digital ? At least they used to source their digital modules from India . It was called D-amps or something .

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