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    Thread: What is Gearhead's Opinion ?

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      What is Gearhead's Opinion ?

      This section is basically created to systematically collect opinions of forum members about some specific topic of interest.

      The Threads in this section will be of following type

      (1) Gearhead's Opinion Poll : Mostly consists of specific "W's" type of questions (What, Where, When..) with Yes/No or multiple choice answers.

      (2) Gearhead's Qualitative Opinion: Mostly consists of specific questions which may not have Yes/No type of answers, but includes answers to questions like Why? or How?

      Who can post in this section?: Any member can post the threads and any member can answer

      Some guidelines to members who want to post questions?

      Be as specific as possible
      Open one thread per question
      Include POLL feature which brings focus on question and choice of answers
      Include specific answers / multiple choices you want other members to select in the poll
      Do not question rationale of members or their answers. Only seek clarifications if necessary
      Please mention any deadline (if any) before which you need answers from members
      Please also mention any specific number of answers you seek
      Be courteous if members do not exactly follow your line, they are entitled for their opinion

      Some guidelines to members who want to answer?

      Please select one of the multiple choice answers
      Do not post lengthy answers, try to be as precise as possible
      Do not question the OP why he has asked the question. He/She has his/her reasons for sure.
      Please do clarify if OP asks for clarifications

      Thanks for your participation

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