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    Thread: Carpeting car floor?

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      Quote Originally Posted by sparkls View Post
      1. Is it safe to do this modification?
      No, It is NOT safe.

      Many showrooms as well as accessory shops try to sell this to you. But if you get it done in your car, you will be having a higher chance of getting your floor corroded.

      They may say that water will not enter underneath the vinyl but this is not true. Water WILL get underneath - in heavy rainy seasons, while doing pressure washes etc. Also, vinyl develop small cracks in corners and bents with time and water will enter if spilled or from shoes (in rainy season). Once water gets in, it will have a tough time getting evaporated. OE carpet (which is under the vinyl) will stay moist for longer than usual and will cause corrosion of metal sheet underneath.

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      Quote Originally Posted by KimiRaikkonen View Post
      These cannot be clean with soap water, right ?
      They are washable, same like rubber mats.

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      Quote Originally Posted by circuits View Post
      Water WILL get underneath - in heavy rainy seasons, while doing pressure washes etc.
      My car has the original carpet. For the winter months I have a rubber mat over. Over that I have a custom made black carpet that can be removed for cleaning. I have never experienced wet floors or water inside the car.

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