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    Thread: Is the Jazz dying? Music Genre Thread

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      Is the Jazz dying? Music Genre Thread

      Simple question : Is the Jazz really dying?

      Lot of electronic music is happening, no real instruments, rare to find real sound of strings in today's music, every one is in hurry and so are the today's musicians.

      Indian classical has faced the heat, we had an era of legends couple of decades ago and today it feels like that was the last generation. Feeling same with Jazz. Jazz albums don't appear in the list of hit, or maybe I am not exposed to latest happening is Jazz.

      Have been seeing lot of write-ups, discussions revolving around Jazz is dying. There was movie called 'Splash' which also had a reference in one of the dialog that Jazz is dying. Was listening the Jazz streaming today morning and thought to put up the question for Gearheads also.

      Does it feels like Jazz to any Gearheads?

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      Hard to say if jazz is dying.....jazz was traditionally mostly the underground scene in the US and UK....
      but you are right in that jazz has taken a different shape with electronic music coming in and spoiling not only jazz but music as a whole....
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      probably OT:
      i listen to Jazz for the sound of Saxophne ! i just love the soothing, full bodied and sweet music of sax. rather when i search for sax music, Jazz pops up and i end up listening to it. i'm not sure if sax kinda music can reproduced with electronic music. and i've been playing Jazz/sax alomost non-stop from past few days at very low volume to run-in my full range drivers.
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      Commercially jazz was never that huge in comparo to pop and rock..jazz lovers once will always be jazz lovers...for me Saturday night still means my single malt and the room perfumed and Coltrane or Davis on the record....jazz have evolved a lot into sub genres like acid Jazz,nu jazz etc...which suits the modern audience ...I think Kenny g killed jazz : p I am more into vocal jazz now Michael bubble and melody gardot really seems super fine to me.
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