Last week I went over and got the car treated to a new coat of lanolin a year too early. Only realized it when I was about to pay.

Here are some pictures before and after. No rust attacks anywhere and lanolin was seeping out of all the plugs in the hollow channels and doors. I have taken the door cards out and had a look inside the doors. There was no rust at all and there was an oily film all over.
I had a talk with the guy today and got the name of the product which is manufactured from sheep wool.
My car is 14 years old now and in a few weeks will pass 300,000 km. Despite being driven under very hostile conditions on salted roads half the year, there is no rust at all. All of the underbody was covered in a film of lanolin. The car has the Lokari aftermarket inner fenders that keeps the wheel arch free of dirt, salt and snow. The underbody has never been washed. The handbrake lever on the original rear caliper never gets stuck or rusty and moves freely.
They have a dealer in Bangalore too.
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Rear brake caliper
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Lokari inner fender
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