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    Thread: Honda Accord detail including sanding marks & scratch correction

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      More than Shine

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      Feb 2016

      Honda Accord detail including sanding marks & scratch correction

      Hi friends!

      Greetings from the sunny Mauritius.

      This Nippon lady came to us for an enhancement. The car was in good shape in every way apart from being rather wrongly cared for in the paint department. It had a previous detailing job somewhere and a few visits to local car washes. It had sanding marks inflicted but not removed and holograms all over resulting from wrong machining techniques/ aggressive products and pads on a notoriously soft factory black Honda paint, Nighthawk Black Pearl. The car washes only added to the injury with more swirls and scratches. Another factor is the constant digging of trenches, all working their way to pollute our roads further. In reality, the paintwork was butchered and skinned.

      Upon arrival

      Dirt Bath

      More dirt

      Scratches seen under the dirt

      Look closely… rare skin condition!
      More will be revealed

      The wheels

      OMG! How to avoid this when our roads are in a forever “employ people to dig holes and fill them back” fashion “à la Keynes”?

      You would say a truck but it goes long to say how much polluted our roads have become in the name of development.

      Heavily contaminated

      Decon started after cleaning

      Bleeding process

      Clayed to get rid of all “toxin”

      After washing, decon and rinse, the car is brought inside for claying

      To the paintwork

      Claying – round 1

      1st and 2nd rounds of clay, is there more?

      yes, moving to 3rd round. Chemicals alone wouldn’t remove all the contaminants.

      At last, I felt reassured, the clay removed very little contaminants.
      After 2 x decon and 3 x clay

      Wheels are sealed

      Car was rinsed

      It was plain to see what we had to attend to. Letting the pics speak.

      Heavy swirls in the sun

      swirls and holograms


      sanding marks from a different angle

      Skinned paint: still more sanding marks, visible in the shade

      haziness caused by sanding and improper wash

      sanding remains on bumper

      door handle area

      More than swirls, look carefully

      Can you see the patches?

      skin disease

      A heavily localized area

      Still more

      flake off

      bird dropping damage and heavy water spots on the sun roof

      Deep scratches were common too

      On the bottom left, a checking, may be a result of a collision


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      More than Shine

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      Feb 2016
      just under the ACCORD badge

      may be someone wanted to steal it or ....???

      the glass with water spots and smearing


      After correction....
      The glass has some deep scratches which unfortunately,

      Moving onto paint correction.... the beads of product

      The bonnet....
      During.... a very sticky paint providing still another hurdle to the correction process

      the bonnet after

      inch by inch testing after refinement of a section

      Extreme close-up.... the metallic pearls from the paint now surface out

      The fender on the passenger's side

      Almost done

      still not satisfied


      The Headlights have not been attended to for years

      Cataract .... eye diease

      difficult to capture on camera

      the state of the bumper

      Almost done

      Taking it a little further... the haziness is only the polish, needs a wipe off only

      The side mirror

      Looks good (y).... but it's only one side of the story

      From other angles and different sources of light, you can see those patches? .... these are sanding marks from previous "jobs" on the paint

      Reworking everything.... which has been same for all areas of this ride

      all gone but not perfect. a couple of deep scratches remain but I was prepared to take it.

      A not so 50-50 shot during the correction stage

      Needing rework… and rework

      Different defects spotted using different sources of light at different angles


      The other side.... Both sides have been worked and again, which goes to say how much this baby had to suffer


      Another view

      The best shot by miles

      The finishing pics of the detail process.
      All external paintwork corrected, refined, and protected, glass and headlights restored and sealed which left us with this.... please enjoy

      mirror mirror

      At night

      Weeks later.

      Thanks for viewing. Your thoughts are most welcome



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