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    Thread: which car with high seating level? Bad lower back problem

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      Cruising along :D

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      Of course the slip disc wasn't because of the car seats. But the point that I was trying to make was that when suffering from back pain, severe or not, slip disc or not, your car seats DO leave an impact if you're driving on a daily basis. I love to drive my car on an everyday basis and spend almost two hours each day at a minimum on driving. I really enjoy my Creta. It could be over priced, less powerful and what not, but it gives me absolute joy to drive it each day. And my back thanks me as well for the same

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Buddy, If you want a car that you can "walk" Into, Take a very good look at XUV 500. Elders in my house absolutely love. It does not need side steps.

      The fun here is Monocoque Body. You do not have to crouch into like a sedan nor have to Climb into like Safari/Fortuner/Scorpio. Just walk in and sit.

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