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    Thread: Driver side parking lights not working

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      Petrol Head
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      Mar 2015

      Driver side parking lights not working

      I have a Polo GT TSI.
      Last month I did a complete projector retrofit. With D2S mini projectors in low beam and HID's in high. Also a led strip as a parking light.
      I was waiting for long term reliability before putting up a review here.
      Now yesterday the controller for the Led strip fried up. I replaced it with a traditional parking light bulb.
      Since then both the front and rear parking lights on the driver side are not working (Passenger side lights are working both front and rear.). Everything is working fine.
      I checked all the fuses and bulbs which seems to be all intact. Also I tried replacing the headlight switch but still the lights won't light up.
      I don't want to take it to the service center as it is very far and because of the modifications they will simply refuse to rectify anything.
      What can be the reason for all this ? How can it be rectified? Can it be the BCM?
      Thanks in advance

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      Jun 2015
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      If its only driving then I guess its BCM issue. Since taillight is not working. Also why hid in high beam since you already got d2s which has a very capable high beam. The halogen would have been sufficient also halogen high would have given edge for passing/flashing due to nil startup time. Anyhow try oem halogen parking bulb. Since only driving side parking light not working can be BCM coding issue if fuses are fine and issue only on one side
      Headlight Setup-Custom Rx350(Low beam converted to bixenon) Projector, Sti-r lens, J-Slope Prism tail Cutoff, Custom Painted Headlight(Moonlight Silver, Black And Chrome), Panamera 4 point DRL, DLT f5.
      5000k @55w.

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      Petrol Head
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      Mar 2015
      Quote Originally Posted by straightpipe View Post
      Since only driving side parking light not working can be BCM coding issue
      Yupp tried swapping the bulb with a halogen but didn't work. I took a multi-meter and checked the parking light socket for power, but no voltage and on testing continuity it tested positive for continuity. I removed the main 10 pin headlight connector and the continuity test was negative. That's why I guess something is wrong with BCM. That is freaking expensive piece. Probably it can be resolved by coding. Service center guys won't probably help me in any case.
      Flashing is pretty adequate with the HID's right now and the throw of D2S mini was tad bit less than my expectation.

      Addition : And yes both rear and front parking lights on passenger side are working. All other functions and lights are properly working except the driver side parking lights.
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