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    Thread: Home surveillance system

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      Home surveillance system

      I am looking for a 2 or 3 channel home surveillance system along with DVR facility. Prefereably wifi based so that i do not need to run LAN wires all across the house, and wifi would give me flexibility to put he camera anywhere in the house. One WiFi camera would be used for interior, and the other one i want to install outside. Any suggestions? Costing upto Rs. 20,000, preferably DIY.

      Immediate need is ability to see what is happening in other room. Mainly when my wife is taking her class, and she can keep a watch on her. So even a Wifi camera with a mobile phone App as a receiver will be enough in the short term. I live in a duplex house. If I can get a DVR, i can connect one wifi camera outside and see people stealing papaya, plants, cycle etc from the house.
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      Motorola FOCUS85-B Wi-Fi HD Home Monitoring Camera with: Amazon.in: Electronics

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      Better consult with home surveillance system service providers. WiFi cameras are available but there are few concerns like how and where the videos are going to be saved? Do you want online surveillance only or offline storage of few days recording is also needed? What about weather proofing? Can you upgrade in future by adding new equipment or will need to replace the whole system? etc.
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      I currently use Cp plus dvr. They provide live camera feed on their app that you can access from anywhere. Also offline recording is done in a hard disk that you have to buy separately. The cameras and dvr are full HD and have a good quality. I will recommend as I have used it. Also you can use one camera with mic. But it is not wifi based. Cables are used for installation. You can check if any wireless system is available with them. Don't remember the cost now but the prices are reasonable. You can Google search any Cp plus distributor near you. The provide with the installation.

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