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    Thread: Spray Grease for Car door hinges ?

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      karteek spray greases are available on many shops that keeps spare parts. I bought spray grease first but checked label it was expired a week bck so instead of trying other shop I bought skf pastd grease. The spray grease was available for sum 200-250 bucks AFAI remember. Brand I forgot though. You can easily get search your local market.
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      Quote Originally Posted by straightpipe View Post
      I bought skf pastd grease.
      Paste can be applied externally but spray can peculate into nooks and crannies. That's the advantage of these spray's. I stay in a town so it should be a tedious hunt as people here don't care much about lubrication at all.

      Moreover mechanics outside just use gear oil or used up engine oil.

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      Quote Originally Posted by sbhas2k View Post
      Why not simply use WD40. It does this job well
      I read somewhere that WD40 should not be used for long term lubrication. Apparently, the 'release agents' are not ideal for long term, and that the stuff is not very water resistant either.
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