I have 1 bike and 3 cars for personal use by me and wife:

1. CBZ, Bought in 2002, not yet sold, 36,000 KM
2. Alto, Bought in 2004, not yet sold, 66,000 KM
3. Vista, Bought in 2011, not yet sold, 24,000 KM
4. Storme, Bought in 2015, not yet sold, 8,000 km

I need to get CBZ F.C. done to use it for another 5 years.
Alto will make way for another car in 1 or 2 years. It is not being used at all.
Vista will stay for atleast 2 more years.
Storme should complete 10 years with me if it does not start giving any TATA problems or if NGT does not come hounding me.