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    Thread: My Indian Italian Jet...FIAT Linea Tjet

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      DSG rocks!!
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      Quote Originally Posted by abhi_tjet View Post
      Few reasons for not selecting them -

      1. I want a petrol AT. SO, DSG is ruled out which is only available for Polo and Vento, I suppose.
      2. Further, I have test driven Polo GT TSI which, though, I loved, the reliability concern is just too much.
      3. I loathe the looks of Ameo. Just can't stand it (my personal opinion. no offence).
      4. I went to Skoda for Rapid Torque Converter test drive. Yet to hear from them.
      I'm yet to hear about issues with Polo GT TSI for MY 2016+. Hope that they have ironed out the initial issues. But I could be wrong.
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      Good cars take you to Point A
      to point B; Great cars, Well
      they just lead you into
      trouble. I own one.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Turbopetrol View Post
      I'm yet to hear about issues with Polo GT TSI for MY 2016+. Hope that they have ironed out the initial issues
      I sincerely hope that your car remains trouble free and fun to drive at the same time

      But, I have heard quite a few cases of DSG giving up, even recently.
      One case is of our fellow gearhead member Rohan Yadav having MY2016 GT TSI. I have also read about a 40k driven GT TSI whose gear box packed up in Pune.(VW FASS replaced it at no extra cost though despite being out of warranty. That's a good gesture ).

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