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    Thread: 6th Gen VW Polo (2017) Spy Shots

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      Quote Originally Posted by sanguine View Post
      I don't know what is the chief reason here, people's preference or business environment.
      Due to poor return on investment, carmakers wont invest here in new models.

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      Quote Originally Posted by sanguine View Post
      I don't know what is the chief reason here, people's preference or business environment.
      Lack of fare business environment I would say. Look how the Jio was allowed to offer 'free' service for such long period and occupied a large market share, all this despite we have sufficient enough competition laws in India. But at the same time other companies were objected when they tried to come up with offers to encounter Jio or objected on Jio's unfair offers.

      Another reason is Maruti products sells on few preset USPs which people are convinced with. Half of the market is occupied by Maruti. 30% is with Hyundai, 10-12% is occupied by Mahindra, occasionally Tata comes in this position. What is left for others? Whole VAG market share hovers between 1-2%, even in this tinny presence, only Polo based models are volume gainers.

      The day international safety norms are implemented in Indian market which is currently obsessed with economy, fuel efficiently, people will gradually start realising the drops of blood and life are more precious than few drops of fuel, that time maybe the days for other manufactures start turning around. There are some technical aspects also like Maruti sells 4-5 models with single engine, but manufacturers like VW offer there cars with multiple engine options, thats too much expensive affair. Even Polo comes with 5 different engines or tunes in India. Yeah there are few takers of it, but not enough to motivate them to continue with such investment and efforts.

      Two-three years ago there were talks about establishing safety norms and all but later vanished out, thanks to the massive turn around of political scenario in the country that the issues in focus changed drastically. Now we better wait how long we can extend return of days with bullock and camel carts.

      We also need to re-think what the rest of the world has started thinking about us due to our recent acts, also see will they like to come here with fresh investment and businesses in current scenario?

      Open the link bellow, read the comments posted by citizens from various countries on this Indian news headline posted bu a leading international news portal from Russia:

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      Quote Originally Posted by sanguine View Post
      This new Polo looked so attractive with its straight lines and cut - even more in the interior. Amidst cars like Micra, Jazz, Baleno with so many curves, Polo stands apart. May be Fabia can stand alongside with it as far as looks are concerned.

      I was looking forward to see this car in India. But gradually it is becoming clear now that India's great middle class car market is over - no place for modern hatchbacks (except Suzuki and Hyundai):

      1. Ford given up on India for its Fiesta.

      2. No new Micra for India

      3. No Skoda Fabia

      4. No new Polo

      5. Honda Jazz is also in a very poor form of its global model.

      6. Chevy already closed down shop.

      7. No Fiat Argo.

      Our choices as far as hatchback goes, shall be limited to Suzuki and Hyundai in near future. Toyota has learned the lessons from Liva/Etios and would not likely offer any car in this segment. Maybe Kia would bring some much needed options, but dynamically Kia cars may be similar to Hyundai cars.

      I don't know what is the chief reason here, people's preference or business environment.
      I know what you mean. But sadly I think Nissan, Fiat, Skoda are looking worse. Rest probably will survive though. Price and after sale service is important. I think those are I guess the most important factor

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jack Sparrow View Post
      According to some sources, VW has no planes of launching any new model production line including 6th gen Polo before 2019 except shuffling some high-end refreshes like Jetta, Passat or Tourege.
      This is really sad.
      VW India has already discontinued the Jetta. Dealares are just clearing the existing stock.

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