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    Thread: What car to buy...*highly confused*

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      Delhi, India
      Hi fellow members!

      Can anybody living near Okhla, Delhi confirm that Kashyap Fiat is still open or have they closed their operations?
      I am asking this because I have been mighty impressed with Fiat's and as per my my last update I am considering them to be my next purchase but if Fiat dealers are closing their operations in NCR then it would be problem for me and makes me loose confidence in the company's future operations.

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      Aug 2011
      Delhi, India
      Hi fellow gearheads!

      It has been a very long time since I have given any update on this thread. There have been a lot of developments in the last few weeks/months in my car purchase. I have test driven punto, polo, ameo, ecosport and faced a lot of different opinions on the options that I have been considering as my next car. To cut the story short, today I have booked Ford Ecosport Trend (Mars Red) (old one) manufactured in Aug 2017. Would be taking the delivery on Sunday. Got a very decent deal as the new model is available in the market and has been accepted by the customers as well. Thus the dealers having stock of the old version of the Ecosport are selling it off at very good discounts.

      Would be updating soon with pics of the car.

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      Quote Originally Posted by carzombie View Post
      I have booked Ford Ecosport Trend (Mars Red) (old one) manufactured in Aug 2017.
      Smart move. People who need to keep the car for themselves for long - the old or new face-lift barely makes any difference. Good luck and post pics. This car still makes me notice it on the road. Such is its design - its either love or hate relationship.

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      Delhi, India
      Hi GH's,

      So finally took the delivery of my ES Mars Red - Trend (D) on 27th. Have been busy with work and daily office commute/war on the road and was not able to update the thread.
      I did not get any accessories from the dealer due to my tight budget. This time after reading a lot of recommendation for Motor Concepts, Kirti Nagar on GH and other forums I am going to visit them and not my regular accessories guy in Pitampura, Delhi. I am planning to get the following things done tomorrow or by sunday.

      1. Reverse Parking Sensors
      2. Reverse Camera
      3. Fabric on Door Trims (where arm rests)
      4. Replacing current OEM speakers with my Focal components (which were earlier doing their duty on my now sold i20 crdi)
      5. Floor mats
      6. Fog Lamps (may be projectors instead of regular Fog Lamps)

      Any suggestions on the last point will be helpful as the dealer is offering to fit the OEM fog Lamps @ INR 5K (incl. Labor) but these are without chrome housing. Are the xp micro 3inch available in delhi and would they void warranty.
      Would fitting the Reverse Parking Sensor and Camera from outside (Non OEM) void warranty.
      I am going to buy extended warranty after some time which according to my sales advisor is possible.

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