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    Thread: Mahindra - Are they any good?

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      Quote Originally Posted by anand_h View Post
      Design is a very subjective topic.
      As you have already suggested that design is subjective topic. So we will not discuss about this.

      Quote Originally Posted by anand_h View Post
      All I'm saying is with the kind of resources available at M&M, I am sure they are capable of launching some truly outstanding automobiles.
      There are great hardworking people now days working for Mahindra to make it better company and to provide better support.

      My family owns Mahindra during the time when word "Customer Orientation and Satisfaction" was alien to Indian market.
      My Vehicles

      In those days, were literally paying up the bribe all day to get our vehicle service on time. After reaching to service station taking all/few mechanics for chai-pani-tambaku so that they can work on Jeep on faster pace. By the end of the day if vehicle is not washed due to their leaving time, paying them 20-30 Rs so that they can wash their vehicle. Behaviour of service station clerk / accountant was like a SBI clerk.

      Things really started getting changed after 1995 when suddenly there was boom in automobile industry. Mahindra showrooms equipped themselves with variety of vehicles like Armada, Classic, Voyager, Marshal.

      The options in stable were just not enough to pull the customers. There were other changes made into the system like polite behaviour of staff. In 2001, when Anand Mahindra joined M&M in passenger division, many pleasant changes were brought in the culture. We customers were being greeted by Namaste and building a waiting lounge for customers with TV was a welcome move. I am not sure about big cities but above experience are gained from few tier 2 cities.

      In all these years, I've owned many Mahindra vehicles one after one but believe me I never repented on my decision so far.

      Any vehicle by any manufacturer is not defect free but once problem is detected, attitude of service centre and manufacturer comes into play. I don't want to comment about others but am very pleased with warranty issues Mahindra has handled.

      Apart from few not up-to-the-mark experiences with ground force,upper management was always cooperative.

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      Quote Originally Posted by shashanka View Post
      Beg to differ anand_h - and am I right in assuming that you are a FWD devotee? I see no other reason why the Lodgy would be considered a VFM proposition. If you had mentioned the Innova in the same breath, I wouldn't argue. But the Lodgy? Come,come!

      This might be going somewhat OT, but I'll take the risk considering anand_h's sweeping generalization re. M&M!

      A FWD layout in that W.B. (the Lodgy at 2810 mm) is a hoot. And that holds for all the FWDers in that W.B. range (~2750 mm to ~2850 mm) - Camry, Accord, Sonata, Teana, Superb, Scala et al.
      Alec Issigonis did a major favour to us mere mortals when he introduced the Mini & it went on to become an icon. But as often happens, the bean counters got into the action and decided that FWD was the way to go for everything from the American goliaths (Olds 'Tornado' and Cadillac 'El Dorado', both at 18+ ft length) right down to the mini at 10.25 ft length.
      If you are really keen, one can go into the nitty-gritty of the steering/traction/handling shortcomings of large W.B. FWDers. But it is generally accepted that FWD is ideal for W.Bases < 2.4m, having short overhangs - in other words the popular hatch-back country! Upto this point it is good engineering design. When you start exceeding this W.B but stick to FWD, engineering progressively takes a back seat and the bean-counters have taken over. The great advantage of the FWD lay-out is its neat, compact packaging, ideal for mass production at greatly reduced cost.

      The Lodgy (like most of the large FWD offerings) has remained a non-starter whereas the Innova/Crysta has gone into the sales stratosphere, comparatively speaking. And for this reason, quite a few of the FWD brigade have offered AWD options on their FWD models in the developed markets (Audi sedans with their quattro option, the Skoda Octavia, VW with their 4motion option and even our humble XUV500, which was initially offered with FWD only!). In the Indian car market, where savvy car-ownership is a vague concept (kitna deti hai, being a common refrain) it is to be expected that the MNC's would launch products (like the recent fiasco with the Renault Captur/Kaptur) hoping that the Indian hilly-billy would swallow their fairy tales.

      With the above in view, I am firmly in the M&M corner - more specifically their rugged, abuse-friendly, body-on-chassis SUVs.
      Way off-topic. I'm talking about product innovation.

      While the Scorpio way back in 2002 was an absolute eye-opener to all and a great product. So was the XUV500.
      But between all of that, M&M has simply lost the plot. The other home grown products could have been way better.

      It was only after the Sumo was dethroned by the Qualis, and finally when the Qualis was discontinued - did the Bolero sales pick-up. The Bolero is very much an upgraded Armada. I still remember one of my clients had a Bolero and Santro to drop guests back to the guesthouse. And almost everybody would run towards the Santro.

      Also, the Toyota Innova at a starting price of 18 lakhs OTR is NOT a value proposition.
      2003 Hyundai Santro Zip Plus LS - 101,000 kms
      2015 Maruti Suzuki Ritz LDi - 118,000 kms
      2015 Honda City iVtec V - 16,000 kms
      2017 Yamaha Ray ZR - 650 kms

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