Hello all! Before getting started, give us a chance to introduce ourselves on this platform and explain what we do.

We at Bookservicing deal with automotives wherein we enhance the customerís car servicing experience through our network of reputed service centers and other such reliable platforms. We come up with copious amount of discount coupons and many such packages as well. In a nutshell, we serve as a bridge between the Corporate Employees and the established dealerships or Service Centers they finally decide to go with.

Engaging the customers and retaining them in the ecosystem by bringing in automotive after sales solutions on-board as per customers need. Running a proactive algo to identify the needs of customers and getting them connected with the right Service providers across the segment.

Bookservicing, thereby aims to connect the best available Post sales service providers to the customers. We provide an online platform that benefits all the legs of our journey to perfectionism. From the Customer point of view, the customers can request for a price quotation at any hour of the day which makes them feel homely. Peanut sized efforts by the workshops gets them a whole lot of traffic at their respective centers. Lastly, talking about the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMS), they start becoming aware about those customers with whom they lost contact earlier.

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Enhancing your car owning experience!

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