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    Thread: My Black Beauty 100BHP

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      Sad to hear about it. You will get over it after sometime. Better safe than sorry we just have to be careful and hope for the best, nothing else we can do

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      Sad to know. Do tell us how the police case is going. It takes two to tango, but for accidents, one fool is enough.

      I felt very depressed after reading your post. Accidents are unwanted situation, but the point to prove one's prowess on road blinds many - and that ends up in chaos. I don't know if there can be a fix for it. Dashcams help. I have one. You should get one too. They are cheap and do the job.

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      Quote Originally Posted by kumar.nithesh View Post
      1. Bigger flashier the car the more people are going to react too, no matter whose mistake it is. People don't have patient to listen to the car occupants, if it is a biker.
      Mistake hierarchy,doesnt matters who is right or wrong :-

      Trucks > Cars > Motorcycle > Bicycle > Pedestrian

      Good to hear that all are safe and hope soon your black beauty will be crusing on roads.

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      Thank you guys!!

      I just got my car back from FASS, expense came up to 120k. Lots of spares were changed, I will update the thread with details shortly. Am I pleased with RS insurance? NO. My car was ready on April 2, 2018 as I update the thread FASS has not received the liability report as of yet. But, FASS manager delivered the car without it. Would need another round of visit to have things settled. I would be changing my insurance provider for my next renewal.

      I was denied cashless facility initially, but I took the issue up with the insurance company and was granted it. I had opted for RS insurance as they had cashless initially and nil dip, paid more than what others were offering insurance at.

      FASS didn't meet my expectations either, painting has a lot to be desired. I have taken up the paint quality issue with the FASS management, they would be repainting most panels free of cost. But, would need to spend 3 days for it to be rectified. Lot of bug marks, blisters, chips and over spray.

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      sorry to hear about the accident. I hope that she is doing well now. I too own a Ford Aspire Titanium TDCi. Its a fun to drive beast and can put a huge smile on whosoever is sitting behind the wheel. I have clocked around 5000km in the past 3.5 months and have managed to get an avg. fuel efficiency of 21.6km as of now.

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