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    Thread: Xuv 500 w10 fwd refresh 2016

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      vehfreak, when I had gone to get the water in fuel issue rectified, the SA had told me to on some Monday for replacing the auto window up assembly. He said that there are notification to them from Mahindra on few recall vehicles and they aren't sure of which all have this problem. So they are replacing for whoever is reporting a problem. I said I don't have any issues with Windows or door being hard or noisy or with auto window mechanism. He still insisted to come and get it replaced as it is free and I will get a new assembly.

      I didn't go. I figured they are getting hefty money from Mahindra for # of replacement carried out and they are doing it to cars even if it doesn't have a problem. It a matter of 3hrs wastage for owner's part and owners gets a new assembly and service center gets good money. So it is kind of win-win situation as per them. I disagree.

      I haven't gone, neither I plan to go.

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      Quote Originally Posted by rksingh1 View Post
      I haven't gone, neither I plan to go.
      Good call. They stand to get compensated, you get nothing.

      Moreover I am skeptical of anyone touching my car unnecessarily.

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      Quote Originally Posted by rksingh1 View Post
      neither I plan to go.
      absolutely....I agree with you!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by hombre View Post
      Moreover I am skeptical of anyone touching my car unnecessarily.
      true....good old rule...don't fix if it is not broken.

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