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    Thread: Free Vin Check - Check vehicle history before buying

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      Free Vin Check - Check vehicle history before buying

      Hey guys, if you are planning for buying a used car then it is essential to inspect the car correctly because buying a second hand car is not as easy as new car. Well, i am going to tell you a wonderful resource through which you can check and get car history report instantly. All you need to enter Vehicle Identification Number at Check Vehicle History By VIN With Instant Results

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      Isn't it useful for the vehicles only in US?

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      I think the only centralized tool we have in India for checking History is VAHAN website.

      For verifying service history of a used car, Authorized service centre is the best bet. Time consuming and Expensive, but a MUST DO before buying from Dealer. I had myself narrowly escaped from ending up with a lemon Honda City because I had insisted with Dealer to take it to A.S.S.

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      I use a local page. I can type in either the number or VIN and I will get all details of the car, including the mileage at the last inspection. This service is free.

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