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    Thread: Is it worth to buy an Ambassador/ Premier Padmini

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      Practically (and even semi emotionally) a big NO.

      I'll suggest u to get 1st gen Alto K10 or i10; especially when you are the one whose gonna be in driving seat and not on rear sofa of 'Amby'

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      I would say - buy the Amby. After using it extensively for a few years, I found that it actually never broke down. Take care to use a good mechanic and quality parts though. If you are going to use it for commuting through Bangalore's traffic, I would however defer in favour of a car equipped with either CVT or Torque Converter automatic.

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      Practical half of mind- NO
      Enthusiast half of mind- YES

      Though for daily commute, a modern car is probably safer, more reliable
      Unless you are keen on restoring the car to stock condition and keep it as a relic/ enthusiast car, Id advice going for a modern car even a used modern car would be a better option

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