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    Thread: XUV500 engine oil additive from m2all

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      XUV500 engine oil additive from m2all

      Hi Guys,

      Just came across the following:

      Buy Roger ENGITECH - Engine Oil Additive Online

      It is offered by m2all, as far as i know, it is an official M&M automotive store/portal (please correct if my assumption is wrong).

      Has anyone tried it?


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      Looks funny. The image has an injection. Costs 1880 bucks.

      M2ALL is official M&M portal, or at-least that is how it is advertised. I haven't used the site or the products, so can't comment. But at 1900, it is one expensive formula!

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      Quote Originally Posted by rksingh1 View Post
      it is one expensive formula
      I agree...its expensive...but that's what nano tech is all about, if it really fills the scratches and stays on the price isn't too high...I feel its effect can be seen in an engine nearing expiry. Lets wait and see if some one reports!!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by rksingh1 View Post
      But at 1900, it is one expensive formula!
      Engine ceramic coating is nothing but an expensive snake oil.

      Quote Originally Posted by rksingh1 View Post
      M2ALL is official M&M portal
      Doesn't matter if it is M&M or any other. The sole aim of business is to make money, even if by making fool of gullible customers.

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      The best additive money can buy is simple ZDDP.
      How to get it? Search MSDS of additives available on various portals and get it.
      It can even prolong life of an engine which is running without oil!
      I use STP Diesel engine oil additive and sometimes Cyclo engine oil additive.
      It is a known pollutant, use responsibly.
      Many oils have it already but it is barely sufficient. I use one can in 7.5 litre oil, recommendation is one can in 3 litre oil.
      Why walk when you can run?

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