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    Thread: USED car around 15 lacs?

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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Duplicate post
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      not aware that he can set his status here!

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      Quote Originally Posted by abhinov View Post
      It is all right. I have said from my own experience when i argued the same big time about a Innova crash(at 90kmph) that killed 6 of my staff back in 2014, while TKM did take up a full case study for the crash yet was deemed it was "expected crumple section due to sheet metal" while my fellow management showed great number of NCAP videos to support.Our company holds about 45 vehicles which is a proper mix,Hondas have had fatal incidents twice while Euro's also have had crashes but never did the passengers regret getting out alive. Last week's another staff member's relatives were in this crash BTW:

      I stopped being funny and having assumptions beyond these incidents.

      Let's get back to helping sparkls get a good car.
      These incidents are more determined on alot of factors, sheet metal etc doesnt matter
      NCAP is regulated and the only benchmark for comparison
      Old Innova wasnt a car for high speeds, it cruised well below 100kmph but beyond that , power and brakes were not adequate
      Like someone else mentioned, it determines on situation, driver ability etc
      Blank statements about one car being safer than another cannot be made without NCAP proof, proper backing etc
      See examples such as the infamous Octavia RS crash,Abarth Punto crash, BMW M5 and so on which shocked the car enthusiast community in another Indian forum, does that mean they are unsafe?
      There are more factors than just sheet metal
      Sheet metal can also trap occupants of the car inside the crumpled car or even harm pedestrians
      See Punto Euro NCAP, it got zero stars-
      Fiat Punto gets first ever zero-star Euro NCAP rating - Autocar India

      Same car is still sold as Abarth Punto and Fiat Punto, so much for thicker sheet metal

      Similar instance with Polo,still sold as Polo, Ameo and Vento/Rapid(Same platform)

      Anyways lets get back to topic

      Quote Originally Posted by sparkls View Post
      Is buying 80k + and 8 years+ germans a good choice?

      I found a site mithula.cars which links other used car sites, except for this other sites are not having good search options. One has to select cities separately,which is not logical as RTO of a state is common.

      3. Around 15 lacs there are some nice looking mercedes 2009-2011 models, if i buy these and have a good outside mechanic ,how much will it cost. Does anyone has idea of the basic wear and tear parts like brakes,suspension in outside garages.
      Big no-no
      Germans show their age as early as 4-5 years and if you buy used, 3-5 year old examples are ideal
      Keep for 3-4 years and sell again for lateral upgrade

      Keep in mind Germans have too many electricals, expensive parts which fail from time to time
      Transmissions such as DSG/DCT are bound to have issues ,more so at 80k km

      If you see the listings carefully,most cars are just out of warranty and around 3-5 years old
      More premium cars such as S class, Q7 etc depreciate extremely fast for a reason

      You could end up spending more to repair the car than the paid price and be unhappy with reliability etc

      I personally would suggest going for a used 5 series or so if you really want to go down this route
      2012 examples with low mileage will be available for 18-22L approx and should be fairly reliable and well kept

      3 series is also a good example, it has more space than 5 series and same engine as 520D
      Definitely faster too and you can score a 2014 or so model for the same price

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      Quote Originally Posted by sparkls View Post
      3. Around 15 lacs there are some nice looking mercedes 2009-2011 models, if i buy these and have a good outside mechanic ,how much will it cost. Does anyone has idea of the basic wear and tear parts like brakes,suspension in outside garages.
      The best would be to visit few such garages who service German cars and ask them about routine service charges and take idea of cost and availability of spare parts.

      If you prefer to keep the cars for long time then you also need to keep eyes on the changing government policies.

      We are living in the seller's regime where interests of buyers or customers don't hold any value.

      For instance there are lot of news keep coming about about policy of banning cars above certain age. Sometimes govt says ban the 10-12 year old diesel car, sometimes they say 15 year old vehicle will be scraped, sometimes electric car policy is brought and dumped and all the blah-blah.

      In these circumstances, if you buy any car with age of 8-10 years, you won't have much age left of it in hands. Another drawback is resale value which will take a big when car will be nearing to end of it's life hit. So consider these points before taking decision.

      As megazoid suggested, you can consider old iconic cars, govt policy says 'vintage' cars will be kept out of the ban-rule. But you have to ensure which car falls in the vintage category.

      Due to such uncertainties, personally I have started making up my mind that I have bought my last car ruining on the fossil fuel and will keep it as long as govt doesn't force me to scrap it.

      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      let us not convert this thread into a Japanese Vs European Car Safety discussion. If you want to discuss that topic, Jack Sparrow will start a new thread just for you.
      Threads already exist:-

      Crash tests and safety:

      Global NCAP - ZERO STARS for Indian Cars in 2016 Crash Tests.

      Airbags and safety:-

      Airbags : Debate On Role in Safety

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