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    Thread: Hi fellow enthusiasts!

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      Hi fellow enthusiasts!

      Just made it onto the forum, I have had a longstanding affair with automobiles. Infact my mother tells me that although I started saying words very late, my first word was 'Tractor' always loved cars, honed my skills in a WagonR; I believe the tall height of which, greatly influenced my learning how to control the shift of weight, I guess this has lead to my friends calling me a very smooth driver a title that I am very proud of. More recently, I have been enamored by 2 wheeled motoring. I learnt how to ride a bike and bought an RC390 in 2016 (crashed badly within 24 hours) I still have a long way to go in developing my skills on a bike I'm currently contemplating a supermoto build using an old Shogun that is lying around with me. That is definitely a dream which I can only pursue next year since this year I have spent enormous amounts of time and money in restoring a Subaru Forester. The car is nearly ready. Suspension, clutch, braking, mounts etc have all been dealt with. Now the electricals are being looked into which shouldn't take much time. This has lead me to start dreaming up the perfect ICE system The amp, head-unit, speakers, woofer part has already been looked into and decisions have been taken, now onto the convenience factor. Since this is a pretty old car, I wanted to introduce one relatively modern feature to keep things fresh: An iPad install! I've got too many questions regarding this like how well can I integrate an old iPad mini of mine, to the car? How comprehensive of an audio interface could it act as? Will it in any way adversely affect audio quality? How well can it be connected to the head-unit and handle its processes or atleast act as an interface through which to handle its processes? Can parking cameras and sensors be hooked up to display through the iPad? I'm hoping to get some help in understanding all of this as I am a total noob in the ICE department.

      Cheers and thanks for having me onboard

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      Welcome aboard! Good to have new people who are enthusiasts. Hope you enjoy your stay here..

      Put up your build log.

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      I trust in Bhai!
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      Welcome to Gearheads.

      Please do share your build logs it would be a great read. Thank you..

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