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    Thread: Polo GTI

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      Turbo Lag - Giving the NA guys
      just 1 extra second of false
      hope :p
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      Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
      in 101 seconds how many KMs you drove ?
      Nambi was surprisingly, incredibly slow on this drive. Never seen him drive so sedate in all these years I've known him!

      Not sure if it's the price of parts on the car he's afraid he will break (remember saga of drivershafts on the Laura?) or if he's calming down to be a regular, sober driver like the rest of us
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      There are 3 adjectives there... Incredibly slow, sedate, sober.. which KMPH figure is exactly described using three adjectives ?

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      Meeshakaran Madaiah
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      Quote Originally Posted by mclaren1885 View Post
      if he's calming down to be a regular, sober driver like the rest of us
      Every now and then, macha mclaren wakes up, looks up at the heavens and sees red. He ambles along to the parking, warms the engine and carefully eases out of the basement. Little does the world know whats in store. Physics dictates that there is some such thing as air resistance, F1 engineers multiply and divide all week to come to grips with these figures but our round macha mclaren has no doubts. With unwavering concentration and an unflinching gaze, he launches himself at the horizon. The world goes into a tizzy, physics takes a backseat and the octavia vrs obeys his commands like a genie would of its master. A little while later with a biriyani safely under his belt macha mclaren eases into his basement....

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