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    Thread: Selecting Components and Coxials

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      Selecting Components and Coxials

      I am trying to add a pair of components and Coxials to my car which will be powered by Pioneer Xseries Headunit, 4 Channel amp and a Underseat subwoofer, stuck to make a decision on compo and coax from the folowing choices
      - Morel Maximo 6 or 602 & Coax 6
      - Focal Auditor RSE165PSI & RCX165PSI
      - Rockford Fosgate Prime R1675s & R675

      Any other suggestion welcome, which are proven better than this ?
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      Hi ,
      From above these

      1 Rockford Fosgate Prime R1675s & R675
      2 Morel Maximo 6 or 602 & Coax 6
      3 Focal Auditor RSE165PSI & RCX165PSI
      you check with classifieds section where you can find a good coaxial and components speakers
      For example for coaxial:
      FS_BN 2 Mercury 3 way coaxial

      BTW what is your budget ?
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