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    Thread: Sound Damping/Deadning Mats

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      Sound Damping/Deadning Mats

      Hello All,

      Just wanted to confirm who all have damped their cars with Sound Deadning Mats, I am not much fond of Music however i like the heaviness and solid feel of the doors,

      I have Toyota Liva LE. and I am thinking to get all four doors, boot and Spare wheel well area to be damped. I am also thinking to get Rubber coating of Rustoleum for all four wheel wells.

      As for now i have only 2 options for Mats.

      1. Dampmat - Premium Car Damping - DampMat
      2. i-copper - I-Copper DB Sound Deadner Mat Full Bulk: Amazon.in: Electronics

      Rustoleum for Wheel Wells - https://truworthhomes.com/products/p...-coating-spray

      Are there any other options for Mats? Preferrably good ones not just Tar Felt or something like that?

      Anyone from Delhi/NCR region??

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      There are a lot of options available these days - some you have mentioned above, others are STP, Dynamat Extreme, Focal, Stinger etc. I have good experience with STP and Stinger and I trust these two with closed eyes.

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      Also, don't forget Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) & Closed Cell Foam (CCF). I saw a beautiful build log using all three but can't find. It was on Sound Deadener Showdown | Your Vehicle Quiet Still there is good info on the site.
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      Me too have used Dynamat Extreme and STP. Both are good. Also have used Dr Artex which is also good.
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