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    Thread: Cruise Control Retrofit Innova Crysta GX & VX

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      Cruise Control Retrofit Innova Crysta GX & VX

      Couple of months ago, I installed cruise control in my Crysta GX automatic. Today my friend tried it in his Crysta VX following my youtube video and it worked for him. Everything including required parts and wiring is in the video below. Video shows my GX, but steps are same for VX, additionally the VX will get the "Cruise Control On/Off" icon in the console. Share and enjoy the cruise!

      This has not been tried on a GX MT yet, BUT if it has a clutch switch like the VX it should work.

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      I trust in Bhai!
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      That's some great DIY stuff! Impressive !

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      Wow never knew CC can be retrofit so easily
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