Hello Everyone...

I am big fan of Jeep, not because of off-roading capabilities, however because of looks and feel of Jeep.
Recently I have bought a MM550 4x4, 2002 model without any research and knowledge. One of my friend who is broker helped me in acquiring it. Now it has been 7 Months I am driving it and got some work done, still not happy with way it is running.

First of all things that my mechanic tried to fix are:

  1. Engine mount were broken – Mechanic spent whole day and installed mounts but still seems not proper.
  2. Clutch was not Ok so mechanic replaced clutch and pressure plates – still doesn’t seems picking up properly.
  3. Breaks fixed properly and working awesome (power brakes already were there, drum, cylinder and shoes replaced)
  4. Complete servicing done.

Pending issues with jeep:

  1. Pickup is not proper.
  2. Clutch is very hard.
  3. Gears are very hard.
  4. Giving fuel efficiency of 6 kmpl.
  5. Very noisy engine.
  6. Rusted floor of front cabin.
  7. Power steering is installed on front bumper, by cutting front grill, which I don’t want.

Please help me by suggesting if above issues are fixable or not, as I am living in Mohali, Punjab and is unable to find a good mechanic who can work and fix these issues.

Thanks Guys…