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Don't know the brand. But, ask for "contact cleaner".
Do not use WD40. Use IPA solvent something like this or this they're meant for cleaning Electronics and evaporate quickly with the dust and clear out any contact issues because of dust clogging. Would cost you 200 bucks or so in your local Electronics shop (Mobile or some Computer spares shops would have them)

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Do i need 3 pre-outs? My cuurent speaker setup is: 2 component+twitters with some cross-over (i think JBL GTO 500 for front door) & 2 coaxials (some JBL speakers for rear doors) . There is no amplifier. Just speakers, and i am not going to do any changes in this setup.
You don't need 3 Pre Outs if you're not planning to use Amp or subwoofer. Both JVC and Kenwood are decent enough for your requirements. My personal suggestion would be Kenwood as it would be slightly better in terms of SQ than the JVC.